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Matthew Wright struggling to recover £8500 he lost in online scam thinking he was paying his builder

Matthew Wright lost thousands of pounds in a scam after being led to believe he was paying his builder.

The TV presenter confessed he hasn’t been successful in recovering the money and insisted more needs to be done to protect people from online scams.

Matthew shared his story on Monday’s episode of This Morning with presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, expressing his frustration with his bank and the police for not looking further into what happened.

Phil said on the episode: ‘We’ve both been used online. I’ve seen my face advertising bitcoin, which I’ve never done’.

Matthew shared: ‘I’ve handed over £8500 to somebody that wasn’t my builder on an online scam.

‘The person I handed the money over to, I’ve had a name and bank account details, and to this date I can’t get the police or the bank to go and talk to this man and find out where my money’s gone, because – as the police said – he may be a victim of crime. If he is you could knock on his door and at least ask him!’

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Matthew spoke about the 2018 ordeal on This Morning (Picture: ITV)

He went on to praise broadcaster Martin Lewis for ‘being an absolute hero’ when it comes to advising people on how to stay safe online.

‘It’s a massive problem,’ Matthew said, ‘and I think the real issue is the underfunding of the police.

‘The scale of the issue is so huge, and if we are gonna allow people to have justice then we’re gonna have to find a way of legally supporting it.’

Speaking about the scam in 2018 he described it as a ‘very, very elaborate con’ while he was doing business with a builder overseas.

He said on talkRadio that when it came to paying the final payment he was instructed to pay it into an account in the UK rather than his overseas account.

Matthew explained: ‘So what transpired is that my builder’s email was hacked, they read all the email exchange that we had over three years so they knew all the names.

‘They then copied his email address but changed one letter of his name so it looked broadly the same and I just fell for it hook, line and sinker.’

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