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Mayim Bialik had no idea what The Big Bang Theory was and only auditioned for health insurance

Mayim Bialik, who played Sheldon’s love interest Dr Amy Farrah Fowler in the Big Bang Theory, didn’t know what the hit show was when she auditioned for it.

Bialik has a rather unique journey as an actor. She doesn’t just play a super brainy scientist in the sitcom, but actually is one. Before landing her life-changing role in The Big Bang Theory, she completed a PhD in neuroscience at UCLA.

It’s a fascinating journey, and one the Emmy nominee used to bring her character to life.

Bialik has recently talked about how the transition from a doctorate to international star happened.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Bialik said: ‘I left the industry for 12 years and I got a doctorate in neuroscience. I wanted to experience life where you’re valued for what’s in between your ears and not just for what you can provide for other people.’

However, she says being an actress wasn’t a pursuit of fame, but rather of practicality: ‘I was literally running out of health insurance and thought that if I could get a few small parts it would help.’

Mayim Bialik is interviewed remotely during filming for the Graham Norton Show (Picture: PA)

Bialik reveals that she wasn’t even aware of the hit comedy before she auditioned. She said: ‘I’d never seen The Big Bang Theory and didn’t know what it was. I was cast and my life changed.’

Being a neuroscientist in real-life and playing one on the small screen would mean that she often had informed insight on what her character was talking about.

When asked if she was the only one who knew what she was talking about, Bialik said: ‘Nobody wants to be that actor – the complete nerd that tells everyone they’ve got it wrong!’

Bialik recently had a huge TBBT reunion on Call Me Kat, which is co-produced by Sheldon himself, Jim Parsons.

An episode saw the star reunited with former assistant director Anthony Rich. The show follows a woman who decides to open a cat cafe, and navigating being single at 39.

The Graham Norton Show airs tonight at 10.45pm on BBC One.


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