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Million Pound Pawn guest astonished to find fake Rolex is actually worth thousands – before it gets smashed

Million Pound Pawn’s pawnbroker Dan horrified a valuer when he smashed her grandfather’s fake Rolex watch in front of her.

Andrea brought a collection of watches to the jeweller to get priced, including a gold Rolex, a Daytona and a pocket watch.

But she was left disappointed almost immediately when the Daytona, which could have been worth up to £15,000, was entirely worthless – and the Rolex was a fake.

Explaining its sentimental value, Andrea explained to Dan that the watch was her late grandfather’s.

Dan then revealed to her that while the timepiece wasn’t a Rolex, it was made of gold so could be worth something… but he’d have to smash it to find out how much it was worth.

Andrea looked horrified before telling him: ‘…Are you for real?’

The watch was battered with a hammer to get its value (Picture: ITV)

She then covered her eyes as he smashed it with a hammer in front of her, completely shattering it to pieces.

However, it seems it was worth it as she was then offered £2,700 for it.

The pocket watch also brought in a tidy sum for her, with the antique piece coming in at a further £2,800.

Altogether, she walked away with £5,500 for the two watches, thanks to the price of gold shooting to an all-time high during the pandemic.

Which will definitely help soften the blow of seeing her grandfathers’ watch destroyed right in front of her.

Million Pound Pawn airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ITV.

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