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‘Misogynistic’ Spitting Image trailer with Sir Keir Starmer and Jess Phillips panned over female genitalia jokes

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Not everyone was impressed (Picture: Spitting image/BritBox)

Spitting Image dropped a new trailer mocking Sir Keir Starmer and Jess Phillips and it seems to have backfired.

The clip, which features the two Labour politicians as rival superheroes, didn’t quite hit the mark as viewers ripped the clip to shreds on Twitter after it was posted on Sunday afternoon to hype the upcoming second series of the BritBox comedy.

The sketch started with Starmer portrayed as the Fox Man, as he said: ‘By day, I am Keir Starmer, a politician limited by the irrelevance of the Labour party.

‘But by night, in the guise of Fox Man, I tackle injustice wherever I see it – within the prescribed legal and regulatory framework, obviously.’

When he mentioned his ‘complicated backstory’, the crook – trying to steal a man’s scooter’ – had enough, but the fictional Starmer seemed more concerned about the victim’s helmet than the more serious crime.

This is where a potty-mouthed take on Jess Phillips came in, described as an ‘annoying, outspoken feminist’ trying to ‘drag Labour more to the centre’.


Cue plenty of X-rated lines about her ‘big Labour vag’, while the skit ended with ‘Jess’ hitting ‘Keir’ with a frying pan to push him into showing some fire and emotion.

One viewer tweeted: ‘This is totally misogynistic and about as funny as Songs of Praise. Back to the drawing board fellas.’

Although some people seemed to enjoy the sketch (one fan described it as ‘hilarious’), many others weren’t keen, with one user bluntly writing: ‘I’m not lying when I say this is the worst s**t I’ve ever seen.’

Another added: ‘This clip for some reason references female mps genitals 3 times? And doesn’t appear to have one joke.’

A lot of Twitter users accused the show of using misogynistic humour, with one person having a particularly damning assessment.

‘They wrote: ‘This is the worst f***ing thing I have ever seen and I once walked in on my grandparents having sex.’


Another viewer took things to a similar level, and joked: ‘This is genuinely more harrowing than watching 2 girls 1 cup when I was 12.’

A different user tweeted: ‘This is bad. No, actually, this is terrible. At least the original Spitting Image understood politics.’

And another even suggested the clip had killed off comedy for good with a pretty blunt response.

They added: ‘Well, comedy had a good run, we all had a lot of laughs, don’t be sad it’s over just be glad it happened’.

Spitting Image airs on BritBox.


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