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Moon Knight episode 6 finale recap: Post-credits scene ending explained as fans rave over Layla’s epic moment

It all comes to a head in the season finale (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Warning: spoilers ahead for Moon Knight on Disney Plus.

Episode 6 of Marvel series Moon Knight has arrived on Disney Plus… and the finale was jam-packed full of action, intrigue and excitement to say the least.

Not only did the final instalment see Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and Steven Grant make it out of the afterlife, but it also included a huge surprise for Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy), as well as the highly-anticipated debut of Jake Lockley in the post-credits scene.

Fans are undoubtedly hoping season 2 could be on the cards, although the future of the show and whether the cast will show up again in the MCU are questions that currently remain up in the air.

From Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) wreaking havoc on the world in Ammit’s name to Layla taking on a new role thanks to the hippo Egyptian god Taweret, here’s how the finale went down.

Arthur Harrow frees Ammit and unleashes chaos

It’s been his aim all along – and finally, Harrow has succeeded in freeing Ammit from her stone prison.

Harrow was hellbent on his mission (Picture: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

The ancient Egyptian deity, with the head of a crocodile, returns to her true form in the temple of the gods, allowing Harrow to judge people’s souls on a far greater scale and take the lives of those he deems unworthy.

However, what Harrow doesn’t know is that Layla snuck into his group of followers, allowing her to watch his every move.

Taweret enlists Layla’s help to free Khonshu

Having initially planned on killing Harrow herself, Layla is stopped in her tracks when Taweret begins speaking to her through the dead.

Taweret lends a helping hand (Picture: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Taweret passes on Marc’s message from the afterlife, asking for her help in freeing Khonshu from stone.

So when Layla is in the temple of the gods with the rest of Harrow’s disciples, she does just that, breaking the stone encasement and allowing Khonshu to be freed.

As he can no longer sense Marc in the world, he turns to Layla to ask if she would be his next avatar, but she refuses.

Marc won’t give up until he’s saved Steven

Having made it to the Field of Reeds, Marc could decide to stay there and live in eternal peace.

Marc explains how Steven has saved him since he was young (Picture: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

However, he’s not content with that arrangement with the knowledge that Steven is trapped in the sands of the Duat.

Despite Taweret telling him it cannot be done, Marc goes back to save Steven, placing his heart in his frozen counterpart’s hand.

While Marc also starts to freeze in the sand, the bond that they share appears to save them both, allowing them to re-enter the living world.

Moon Knight is reborn – and Layla becomes Taweret’s avatar

Once Marc and Steven make it back to the land of the living, Khonshu senses their presence, allowing them to become Moon Knight once more.

He’s back (Picture: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

The ceremonial suit, which has healing powers, helps Marc and Steven survive the gunshot wounds they previously sustained from Harrow.

Having turned down the opportunity to become Khonshu’s avatar, Layla makes a different deal – albeit slightly reluctantly – to become Taweret’s temporary avatar instead.

With that, of course, comes a brand new costume, complete with awesome wings decked out with swords on either side.


Fans couldn’t get over her transformation, with one saying that she ‘slayed’.

‘The way Layla ate in the Moon Knight finale,’ another remarked, while someone else wrote: ‘I started sobbing, this representation and role model for young Egyptian women is everything.’

Moon Knight and Layla fight side-by-side to trap Harrow

Marc and Layla instantly become one of the coolest duos in the MCU when they take on Harrow, who now has the full might of Ammit in his arsenal.


Marc and Steven masterfully flit between the personas of Moon Knight and Mr Knight during the battle, as Ammit also fights against Khonshu in the background.

In the end, when it appears Harrow is on the verge of winning, Marc blacks out – discovering that he has defeated Harrow and the rest of his followers in a bloody altercation after transitioning between identities.

Marc knows full well it wasn’t Steven who won the fight, implying that it was a third alter who showed up to save the day.

He then demands that Khonshu frees them both from their servitude, which the moon god does so… but Marc and Steven may still be more connected to Khonshu than they realise.

Post-credits scene explained as Jake Lockley arrives

Throughout the past six episodes, Marvel fans familiar with the Moon Knight comics have been wondering when – or if – Jake Lockley would ever show up.

His on-screen debut finally came in the post-credits scene, having been hinted at on several occasions during the series.


After being trapped in the temple of the gods as Ammit’s avatar, Harrow is now in a mental health institution, just like Marc and Steven were when they wound up in the afterlife.

Harrow is wheeled outside by a mysterious individual, before being placed in a limousine – where he joins a dapper, suited-up Khonshu.

While Harrow quips that Khonshu can’t hurt him, the moon god explains that while Marc and Steven may think that they’re now free from his grasp, they’re not completely, as their third alter, Jake Lockley, is still under his control.

The partition opens to reveal Jake, wearing his signature cabbie’s flatcap, as he shoots Harrow, presumably killing him.

Moon Knight is available to watch on Disney Plus.


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