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Ms Marvel episode 2 recap: Mystery of Kamala Khan’s powers explained after comics debate… to a degree

Kamala continues to come into her own with her newfound powers (Picture: Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

Warning: spoilers ahead for Ms Marvel episode 2 on Disney Plus.

Ever since the trailers for Ms Marvel came out ahead of the show’s release date, one of the biggest questions on the lips of comic book fans was whether Kamala Khan’s powers would stay true to the source material.

It initially seemed as though the series’ creators had indeed gone in a very different direction, with footage revealing Kamala (Iman Vellani) creating ‘hard light’ with her hands after discovering a family heirloom – a bangle from her Nani in Pakistan – that appeared to grant her powers.

However, episode 2 has shed further light (pun intended) on the topic of conversation, while revealing what happened to Kamala in the aftermath of AvengerCon, where her powers manifested for the first time.

With Kamala learning what she’s capable of with her newfound powers, her crush on Kamran (Rish Shah) developing further and her family’s history in Pakistan during the Partition being addressed, here’s what went down in the second instalment of the six-parter.

Aftermath of AvengerCon debacle

After what happened at AvengerCon – when Kamala inadvertently used her powers for the first time and caused destruction to the megafan event – she’s become the talk of the town.

Bruno is Kamala’s trusted confidante when it comes to all things superhero (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

However, because she was masked up in her Captain Marvel cosplay, no one knows it was her, with her former friend-turned-rival Zoe (Laurel Marsden) getting all the attention at school and online after being caught up in the powered-up incident.

While Kamala’s best friend Bruno (Matt Lintz) knows it was her, no one else does, not even their close friend Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher), who dubs the enhanced individual in the video a ‘budget Captain Marvel’, a comparison that Kamala doesn’t mind thanks to her adoration for Carol Danvers.

Mystery of Kamala’s powers is addressed

At first, it seems as though the bangle Kamala has started wearing is the root of her powers.

However, while testing out her abilities with the tech-savvy Bruno, he scans her body with a device that looks like it’s using a heat sensor.

Kamala is picking up her new abilities quickly (Picture: AP/Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

In doing so, he reveals that her power doesn’t look like it’s actually coming from the bangle, but instead it’s coming from within her, as he explains that it’s like ‘the bangle unlocked the superhuman part of you’.

So while Kamala’s powers differ somewhat from the comics – where she’s able to elongate her body, change her size and heal at a superhuman rate – episode two of Ms Marvel has confirmed that she already had superhuman capabilities hidden away before stumbling upon the bangle.

In the comics, it’s revealed that Kamala has Inhuman genes, so could the same occur in the Ms Marvel TV show?

History of Kamala’s family during Partition revealed

In 1947, British India was divided into two regions, India and Pakistan, in what is now known as the Partition.

The historical event caused a devastating refugee crisis, displacing millions and leading to the deaths of a colossal number of people.

Some of Kamala’s family history is revealed (Picture: AP/Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

In the second episode of Ms Marvel, the story of Kamala’s mother Muneeba’s (Zenobia Shroff) family during the Partition is told, with it explained that Muneeba’s mother, Sana, was separated from her parents at the train station when she was just a toddler.

Sana is said to have claimed that she ‘followed a trail of stars to find her father’, although her mother disappeared on the night.

Ms Marvel steps in to save the day

While attending an event in celebration of Eid with the other members of her mosque, Kamala steps in when a boy who climbed up to the top of a tower to take selfies while dangling out of a window accidentally falls out.

Kamala is still rocking her cosplay look (Picture: Daniel McFadden/Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

He manages to grab onto a drape to stop himself from falling to the ground, with Kamala getting up to him by using her ‘hard light’, as a concerned crowd watch from below.

The young hero is caught off guard when she sees a vision prompted by the bangle, as an unknown woman gestures towards her – but despite losing her grip on the boy, she softens his fall as he lands on a car, complaining about pain in his ankle.

The Department of Damage Control have now tracked Kamala down… but she manages to weasel out of their grasp just in time, destroying a few drones along the way.

Mysterious woman throws a spanner in the works

Kamala’s crush on Kamran is continuing to grow, having given the new student at school her number, much to Bruno’s disgruntlement.

It appears Kamran has been keeping secrets (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

The pair head out together, with Kamala having to do some quick thinking when they bump into her brother, so that he doesn’t think that she’s on a date.

While Kamran might have originally just seemed like an unassuming student, at the end of episode two, it’s made clear that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

After picking Kamala up in his car as she ran away from agents from the Department of Damage Control who were trying to apprehend her, Kamran introduces her to his mother, who’s sitting in the backseat.

The woman – who’s name is Najma (Nimra Bucha), although it’s not mentioned in the episode – appeared to Kamala in the vision while she was using her powers to save the boy… so what could her connection to the lead character be?

Ms Marvel is available to watch on Disney Plus with new episodes released on Wednesdays.


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