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Murder Island: Who is the killer? Suspects, theories, and clues so far

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The game’s afoot (Picture: Channel 4)

There’s an immersive murder mystery playing out on nation’s TV screens, with Murder Island proving one of the most intriguing shows currently on the box.

Viewers were transported to a windswept Scottish island last week during the first instalment of the Ian Rankin mystery, with contestants taking on the roles of detectives attempting to solve a mystery.

The victim is a woman by the name of Charly Hendricks who had recently moved to the island. Her body was found at a shabby property she’d been renting from a local landlord, and it’s quickly discovered she was having a romantic relationship with a local shopkeeper.

Parm Sandhu, who is a former detective chief superintendent at the Met, is on hand with retired detective chief inspector Simon Harding and retired DI Graham ‘Maca’ McMillan to guide the amateur sleuths.

So far, so intriguing. And although the members of the public posing as detectives got off to a bit of a slow start, there’s plenty of speculation online about the identity of the killer.

But who could it be? Here’s everything we know so far.

Which clues have been revealed?

My Celebrity Life –
Will the teams find the murderer? (Picture: Channel 4)

There have been precious few clues to emerge in the case so far – largely because the contestants did such a bad job of examining the crime scene in episode one.

In last week’s show, Dot and Rox didn’t show themselves in the best light after accidentally standing in a pool of blood.

Caroline and Chrissie also picked up wine glasses without wearing gloves. It wasn’t the start they wanted either.

In the end, every single one of them failed to notice the only material clues so far, which consisted of the victim’s passport, the stack of money and her diary – the contents of which have yet to be fully revealed.

We do, however, have more info about some of the key suspects in the case after episode one.

Who could the killer be?

While the contestants made a bit of a hash of things, they stumbled on notable details about the suspects which could hold major significance in the case.

Jean Grant

My Celebrity Life –
Could Jean be the murderer? (Picture: Channel 4)

Of all the characters on the island, Jean is the one viewers got to know the best during last week’s show. She runs the post office, and it was shown that she was romantically involved with Charly before her death.

It was revealed that Charly was pregnant during episode one, which would have certainly changed the dynamic in their relationship. There’s no doubt Jean has a much bigger role to play in the series – but could she be the killer?

Alicia Devere

My Celebrity Life –
Alice first called in the detectives (Picture: Channel 4)

Alice, who works as an agent for Cordelia Jameson, has to be on the suspects list, as it was she who called in the police after finding Charly’s body.

She is involved in an eco tourism project for her boss Cordelia Jameson, buying up land across the island. Charly was very vocal in protesting against the scheme, and Alicia is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Hamish Gowdie 

My Celebrity Life –
Hamish is one of the shiftiest on the island so far (Picture: Channel 4)

One of the shiftiest and least compliant people the detectives have spoken to so far, Hamish is the partner of shopkeeper Jean. His family also lost their plot of land, which was taken over by Cordelia Jameson.

It’s only reasonable to believe that he’d have been jealous about Jean getting close to Charley, and we discovered he is now living separately from Jean.

Tony Slade

My Celebrity Life –
Could Tony be involved? (Picture: Channel 4)

Tony runs the local pub, which hosted the town meeting which grew heated the night before Charly’s death. He is married to primary school teacher Sonya Sisoulu, and the pair live together above the pub.

They’re both keen walkers, and claim that they know the island like the backs of their hands.

What do the viewers think?

My Celebrity Life –
The contestants haven’t impressed the real-life detectives so far (Picture: Channel 4)

There have already been plenty of theories to emerge online, with viewers making snap judgements on the basis of the episode.

Incredibly, one of the sleuths making judgements on social media was the one and only Paul Chuckle, who thinks Jean is the guilty party.

‘I think the killer is the shopkeeper Jean because she’s found out that Charley is pregnant so had obviously been lying to her,’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘Charley didn’t want to see the person who entered the house that night, perhaps they had had a row [sic].’


Another intrigued viewer explained their theory by writing: ‘Alicia, trying to impress Cordelia and resentful she sent in back up, complains about her woes to young Logan, Logan a country bumpkin type wants to impress Alicia and goes to warn off Charlie and kills her. #SolvedIt.’

‘I don’t think the shopkeeper is the murderer, she was emotional when they were talking about her and Charly. I have a feeling it might be the barmaid or the barman,’ one more said.

There was one viewer who put forward his theory that we’re yet to see the killer, writing: ‘At this stage I suspect the murderer is someone not known to police yet, but connected to the Pub owners, as the lady landlord knew the victim from prior to living on the island (in Glasgow) & could have told an ex where she lived.’

Murder Island continues at 9.15pm tonight on Channel 4.


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