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Naked Attraction star who walked off set says being faced with vaginas was ‘like finding the holy grail’

My Celebrity Life –

Brian was left flustered on the show (Picture: Channel 4)

Naked Attraction contestant Brian caused quite a stir when he walked off set after being faced with vaginas and being overwhelmed by them.

The wine connoisseur, who was a virgin before appearing on the show, was ‘consoled by producers’ before heading back and successfully securing a date – as well as a sex ed lesson from host Anna Richardson.

Brian, 23, opened up to about what was going through his mind, describing the moment as ‘like finding the holy grail’.

‘It was just the moment I grew up. It was the moment of – it was like finding the holy grail and [I] kind of needed a moment to let it sink in. It was a range of emotions, really. I’m really pleased to have that experience on the show,’ he said.

‘I’m very grateful the show has given me the opportunity to essentially grow up and to take a look at things in a different way, and not to be so rigid in my way of thinking about dating.

‘That moment where I walked off stage, I knew I was surrounded by a lovely team of production and I knew there was support on hand should I need it.’

Brian continued: ‘There was never any doubt that I would come back – I was always going to come back. I just needed a little Brian moment off set just to collect my thoughts.’

Meanwhile, the contestant was unfazed about the moment being broadcast.

Explaining he ‘wears his heart on his sleeve,’ Brian added: ‘I think honesty is the best policy.

‘I wanted to have this experience and I wanted to share it with the viewers. And I’m pleased I did that.

‘It was a moment that I’m sure we’ve all shared before but never really seen. I hope that I’ve shared the same feelings as others, having zero luck with women and a rigid way of doing things and stepping out of my comfort zone in a way that no one expected.’

My Celebrity Life –

He needed a moment to ‘collect his thoughts’ (Picture: Channel 4)

Asked if he’s had any date offers since the show, he explained: ‘I’ve had friends just giving me support, I’ve haven’t had any women.

‘I’ve had a couple of males actually! I had to turn them away. I had to say, “I wish you well but I’m not gay.” So I’ve had a couple of men, but no women really.’

Meanwhile, the experience proved pretty useful to him, with host Anna giving him a quick sex ed lesson, which he insisted he’ll take away for the future.

‘As I mentioned on the show, Anna asked me what I’m looking at, and I said, “Well, I’m looking at a shape with a line in between it,”‘ Brian recalled. ‘I didn’t realise there were actually more parts to [the vagina].

‘I never really bothered to pay attention, so it was an interesting moment. It was a bit of education for Brian, absolutely.’

My Celebrity Life –

Anna gave Brian a sex ed lesson on the show (Picture: Channel 4)

The end of his episode saw him step away from his usual type to select contestant Georgie for date.

While nothing romantic blossomed between them, the pair have built a friendship out of their experience on the show, with Brian saying the date went ‘incredibly well’.

‘Georgie is such a kind-hearted and warm lady,’ he explained. ‘We’re still friends, we’re still chatting now and again, it’s been a beautiful experience.’

While Brian is still a virgin, he’s in no rush to change that, explaining he wants to find the right person first.

‘It will happen somewhere down the line,’ he reflected. ‘I’ve always wanted to find that special someone

‘If you sit and don’t do anything, it will never happen. I might try online dating again, who knows?’

‘I will always be an old romantic, I will always want to see people face-to-face but somewhere down the line really, perhaps I’ll lose [my virginity],’ he concluded.

‘But I still maintain when it does happen it will happen for all the right reasons – for what I think will be the right reasons.’

Naked Attraction continues November 17 at 10:20pm on Channel 4 and you can catch up on Brian’s episode on All4.


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