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Naked Attraction viewers realise audio description takes show to a whole new level of funny

Naked Attraction viewers were left howling after discovering that the dating show is even funnier with audio descriptions turned on.

Tuesday’s episode saw Nicola, the self-proclaimed ‘number one MILF in the 45-50 category’ from Northampton choose herself a date based on ‘naked attraction’, and while her one-liners were funny enough, the descriptions sent viewers into hysterics.

They tweeted: ‘How have I only just discovered audio description for Naked Attraction? A life changing moment’ and ‘Watching Naked Attraction with the audio description on is THE FUNNIEST thing I have ever experienced in my life’.

Others added: ‘Anyone who likes Naked Attraction, whilst watching turn on Audio description, 10x better’ and ‘This is hilarious, I love a bit of naked attraction. Hey, press Audio Description on your remote control for a whole new, even funnier experience ‘

Proving just how savage the audio description could be, some viewers shared the commentary of one of the contestants with a smaller penis than the rest.

They wrote: ‘AD example just now “ her eyes fall on the yellow pod, with the man with the shrivelled manhood”’ and ‘Audio description called yellow blokes manhood shrivelled!! Harsh.’





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The description of the man in the yellow pod was rather savage (Picture: Channel 4)

Sadly, Nicola did end up saying goodbye to the man in the yellow pod as the second potential suitor she got rid of, as he was too short for her in heels.

The show also featured 35-year-old Mark who loves travelling and who had challenged himself to face his fear of appearing on the show with a colostomy bag.

He had been fitted with the bag due to having Crohn’s Disease and said it could cause awkward moments when he ends up in bed with a woman for the first time and has to explain why he has it.

Unfortunately for Nicola and Mark, both decided at the end of their dates that they didn’t feel the spark with their Naked Attraction matches.


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