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Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes: Bizarre twist ending explained as Adele, David and Louise’s love triangle reaches dramatic conclusion

***Warning: Behind Her Eyes spoilers ahead***

If you’ve finished Netflix’s latest thriller Behind Her Eyes, you’ll be forgiven for joining in the ranks of people who read the book and immediately tweeted the hashtag ‘#WTFThatEnding’.

To be fair, it’s completely understandable, because the series takes a complete 180 degrees from revenge of a scorned woman wanting to teach her cheating husband and his mistress a lesson, to something completely out of this world.

The supernatural element completely turns the story on its head, and that’s before we get to the even more twisted ending which changes how we feel about everyone, literally everyone, involved.

So, we’re here to break down the essentials for you, and help you understand what the hell just happened.

What are Adele’s powers?

From a young child, Adele (played by Eve Hewson) has had the ability to astral project – which essentially means she can lull herself into a trance state, remove her soul from her body, and drift around the world as an unseen entity.

She uses this neat little trick to mainly keep an eye on her cheating husband David (Tom Bateman), who is currently sleeping with his secretary and her best friend, Louise (Simona Brown).

She has kept this ability a secret from most people, with Rob (Robert Aramayo) – a friend from rehab – being one of the few she’s explained it to, and even taught how to do it.

Louise eventually learns how to do it too, and realises Adele has known about her affair with David the entire time.

My Celebrity Life –
The real Adele and David had their future taken away from them (Picture: Netflix)

What happened to Rob?

Now, this is where things get tricky because Rob, in one sense, didn’t actually go anywhere.

He’s just in the body of Adele.

In a flashback, we discover that Rob instantly fell in love with David, after leaving rehab and spending a weekend in Adele’s plush country estate. Adele, who was looking more positive after her time in the health facility, had reunited with her love David and looked like she had her life sorted.

Rob, a heroin addict, fits in her world like a glove, and Adele is happy to have him move in, sharing with him her astral projection secrets.

Then one day in the woods, Rob comes up with the idea for them to experiment by projecting into each other’s bodies. When Adele agrees, she doesn’t like how it feels, and immediately asks to switch back.

Instead of doing that, he injects Adele with a lethal overdose, killing her and allowing him to live in her body from here on out.

My Celebrity Life –
Rob played a more essential role than anyone knew (Picture: Netflix)

In order to keep David around, ‘Adele’ dumps ‘Rob’s’ body in a well, throwing in David’s watch after it. He then uses this as a blackmailing tool to David, telling him that it will look like he did it if he ever says anything.

A horrified David, believing ‘Rob’ deliberately killed himself, agrees to hide what happened, thinking ‘Adele’ panicked and threw him in the well, but apart from that did nothing wrong.

Shortly after, they get married and head off for a new life together.

How does Behind Her Eyes end?

Knowing about their affair, ‘Adele’ starts dropping hints to Louise that David is abusive towards her, and may have killed Rob in a jealous rage.

Not entirely buying into the story, Louise sets off for some investigative work of her own, meeting another woman David had an affair with and discovering ‘Adele’ started putting threats on her life.

Siding with David, the pair execute a plan to get rid of Adele for good, and David heads back to Scotland to work with the police to recover Rob’s body.

When ‘Adele’ finds out, she completely flips her lid, and threatens to end her own life by burning down her house while inside.

Overcome with guilt after getting messages calling her responsible for what’s about to happen, Louise sets out to try and save ‘Adele’ by running to the house.

My Celebrity Life –
Louise’s relationship with her son could provide the answers(Picture: Netflix)

(Throughout all of this, she has no idea that Adele is actually Rob. She just thinks Adele has snapped, chalking up her behaviour to the time in the mental facility.)

After becoming unable to get through the front door, Louise decides to astral project to figure out where Adele is in the house, and finds her overdosed on the bed upstairs.

Unfortunately for her, Rob had planned this far ahead, and while Louise tries to save her frenemy, he moves his soul into Louise’s body – leaving the real Louise to die in the fire as Adele with a drug overdose.

David, who remains oblivious to all of this, discovers his wife has died in a fire – the same way her parents were killed – and believes Adele recreated the same situation.

He then goes on to marry ‘Louise’, essentially kicking off his entire miserable married life all over again with the same person.

The only person who seems to realise something is off is Louise’s son, Adam, who immediately clocks that his mum is now acting bizarrely, completely unlike herself, and completely dismissive of him.

In the last moments, David, ‘Louise’ and Adam head off into the sunset together.

Behind Her Eyes is available now on Netflix.


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