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Never Have I Ever season 3: Lee Rodriguez would ‘love’ to see more of Fabiola’s relationship with Eve

Lee wants to see Fabiola and Eve ‘hanging out and dating’ in season 3 (Picture: Courtesy of Netflix)

Warning: spoilers ahead for season two of Never Have I Ever.

Never Have I Ever star Lee Rodriguez has shared her hopes for Fabiola’s storyline in season 3 of the hit Netflix series, including how her character’s relationship with Eve (Christina Kartchner) may progress.

In season one of Mindy Kaling’s comedy-drama, Fabiola, the brainiest of Devi’s (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) best friends, comes out to her friends and family, before being asked out on a date by Eve, a classmate that she has a crush on.

The new episodes released this week have seen the couple go from strength to strength, which Lee hopes will continue if Never Have I Ever is renewed for a third season, the actor told

‘I hope to see Fabiola more in her element and more comfortable, because there’s a lot of moments you see in season one and season two where she’s just frantic and just holding in a lot,’ Lee said about Fabiola’s possible season three storyline.

‘So I want to see her more comfortable, I want to see her in her element and see what her relationship with Eve looks like. Them hanging out, what they do, going on a date, I would love to see more of that.’

Will season 3 see Fabiola show more of her vulnerable side? (Picture: Isabella B Vosmikova/Netflix)

Lee added that she would like to explore more of Fabiola’s ‘vulnerable side’ to show a more ‘grounded’ element of the character.

While season three is yet to be confirmed by Netflix, the 21-year-old stated that she would be ‘so down’ for the series to continue. As would we!

In season two, Fabiola struggles to fit in with her girlfriend Eve’s friends while also finding it difficult to juggle her campaign to become Cricket Queen with her duties as captain of the robotics club.

Lee explained the significance of this aspect of Fabiola’s story, as it highlighted how she is still ‘evolving’ and ‘discovering’ herself as a teenager.

‘Some people think after you come out everything is just easier but you know, reality is you’re ever evolving as a person, you’re ever discovering yourself, especially in high school,’ she said.

‘So I feel like it was such a relatable story to tell that you don’t really see a lot. I feel like a lot of people will resonate with it.’

The second season of Never Have I Ever addresses several important subjects, including mental health, sexism and toxic relationships.

Lee stated her belief that ‘every storyline is saying something really important’, expressing her hope that viewers can relate to at least one character in the show.

‘Whether it be mental health – I feel like Devi’s storyline was a lot about her mental health and a lot about learning from her mistakes, and I feel like that’s really important,’ she said.

‘Fabiola’s is more so about being true to who you are, and Eleanor’s is also about choosing yourself too and getting out of toxic relationships, and Kamala’s [Richa Moorjani] is about women empowerment.

‘So there’s a lot of great storylines. I hope that the audience can take something away from at least one character.’

Seasons one and two of Never Have I Ever are available to watch on Netflix.

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