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New Dennis Nilsen documentary will ‘upend everything we think we know about this case’

The Nilsen Files: A Very British Crime Story will explore the case further (Picture: PA)

True crime fans we hope you’re ready, a new documentary series exploring the case of Dennis Nilsen is set to drop on BBC Two soon.

Nilsen is one of the UK’s most notorious serial killers, who murdered at least 15 men between the years of 1978 and 1983 in London.

The killer was sentenced to life in prison on November 4, 1983, after being found guilty for six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

He would lure in his targets to two North London addresses, before murdering them. Afterwards, he would perform rituals on their bodies and would eventually dispose of them down the toilet.

The Nilsen Files: A Very British Crime Story will look at the disturbing case of the Muswell Hill murderer, who died in prison in 2018.

Filmmaker Michael Ogden will re-examine the case, focusing on the lives of the victims.

Nilsen (right) is escorted from Highgate police station (Photo by Bryn Colton/Getty Images)

The BBC said in a statement: ‘Focusing on the lives of the victims, he’ll ask why, 40 years on, they remain just a footnote in this terrible case. Michael will explore not just who these boys and young men were, but also how attitudes at the time allowed their disappearance and murders to be overlooked.

In the documentary, Michael will meet with former police officers and discover their regrets about closing the case prematurely. It is this that left seven murder victims unidentified and left families without answers about their missing children.

The statement continues: ‘This series will upend everything we think we know about this case, exploring the homophobic attitudes that allowed Nilsen’s crimes to go un-investigated for many years. And how attitudes suggested that there was little interest in missing young men, often dismissed simply as “drifters”.

David Tennant as Nilsen in three-part series (Picture: AP)

‘Understanding the case anew, Michael will seek to show how these attitudes are as dangerous to young men’s lives today as they were almost 40 years ago.’

This case came into the public eye recently when David Tennant portrayed the serial killer in the three-part series Des.

The story was told from the perspective of Nilsen, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay (Daniel Mays) and biographer Brian Masters (Jason Watkins).

The ITV drama was based on a true crime book titled Killing for Company by Brian Masters.

A release date is yet to be confirmed.

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