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Nick Knowles on why he discussed ‘weight gain’ and lockdown transformation on DIY: SOS special


Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles opened up about his lockdown transformation (Picture: Getty)

Nick Knowles revealed why he decided to open the Children In Need special of DIY: SOS with a comment about his lockdown transformation.

The 58-year-old stated that he ‘put on weight’ during lockdown – and wanted to address this so that people who were struggling with their own changes during lockdown felt something ‘positive’.

Speaking to about the charity episode of DIY: SOS, he explained that the instalment was filled with ‘extra’ moments as a way of helping viewers.

‘We start the show with me looking hairy, bearded and very fat,’ he told us. ‘Because during lockdown… I put on weight during lockdown, because I was doing a lot of writing and not being able to travel much, and had a small injury which meant I couldn’t do the training that lots of other thing were doing.

‘People are feeling self conscious about weight that they might have put on, or the fact that their hair has grown long, all those things…

‘I thought, actually it’s not a bad way to start, to actually just fess up at the start, saying, “It doesn’t matter, you get through it however you get through it”.

DIY: SOS Children In Need

The DIY: SOS gang took on a challenge for Children In Need (Picture: BBC)

‘There’s lots of little layers and things that we put in to try and make people feel okay with it all, and try and give people that sort of positivity.’

Nick also lifted the lid on his reunion with his DIY: SOS co-stars, months after they last worked with each other.

The stars were forced to follow strict rules due to the pandemic, meaning they couldn’t have a big crew working away on the build, which made things more difficult in some places.

Discussing how lockdown may have changed plans for the build, he continued: ‘The last one we did was in February, we weren’t able to do any during lockdown, we were thinking we weren’t going to be able to do any for the year.

‘If we do a renovation, getting enough people in to destroy a house before we rebuild it is the bit that takes an enormous number of people at one go. The fact that we were building from scratch actually, weirdly, made it slightly easier.

Nick Knowles

Nick opened up about the challenges they faced while completing the build (Picture: Splash)

‘The location being by the sea in the open air, and not in a city centre, also made it so that we could adhere to Covid rules. It was certainly difficult. Lovely to see the boys, I missed them terribly.

‘Lovely to get a chance to discuss how we all managed to get on lockdown and how we felt about it all. And just lovely to be able to do something which I hope people will find inspiring, at a time when I think positive news is in short supply.’

However, despite there being extra precautions in place and rules to follow, the gang weren’t allotted any extra time to complete their project.

Yes, seriously.

‘We had exactly the same amount of time as normal,’ Nick insisted. ‘It was much more difficult, because normally we would have about 130 people on site every day, and it would take about 350 people to do a build.

‘What we had to do on this was have people only from the local area, have people that were capable of doing the job, that were prepared to join in, and then build it like the most extraordinarily regimented jigsaw puzzle of skills and abilities.

‘Working ridiculous hours within the confines of only being able to have 30 or 40 people, or whatever it was, working on any given day on site. So, it was much more difficult, much more complicated, much more testing.

‘But, as always, when we put out the call on these things, we have such a massive response. People were prepared to go the extra mile, work extra hard, and provide extra materials and make it happen.

‘All credit, as always, goes to the traders who come up and work for nothing, and the suppliers, but also on this occasion, all our extraordinary backroom team of about six or seven people that made it possible. They definitely deserve a hero-gram.

‘The backroom staff have done an extraordinary job on this.’

DIY: SOS Children In Need special airs tonight, at 8pm, on BBC One.


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