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Night Stalker: How brave six-year-old girl became key to taking down sick serial killer Richard Ramirez

***Content Warning: Contains discussion of rape, paedophilia and murder that some may find upsetting*** 

Sick serial killer Richard Ramirez was finally brought to justice after terrorising California for more than a year – and a six-year-old girl helped put him away.

In new Netflix true crime series Night Stalker, Anastasia Hronas speaks out about surviving the Satanic murderer after he abducted and assaulted her when she was just a toddler.

Kidnapping her from her home by forcing her into a duffle bag, Ramirez then repeatedly sexually assaulted her before eventually letting her go in February 1985.

Hronas, now 41, recalled the incident and said: ‘Something in the way that he would look at me, it was almost like, “I’m sorry that I’m doing this to you. But I’m not sorry, cause I’m not gonna stop’.”

To this day, she doesn’t understand why her life was spared by Ramirez.

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Anastasia has bravely spoken about her assault as a child (Picture: Netflix)

After he was caught by police, Hronas helped identify him in a line-up, with Detective Frank Salerno praising her in the series.

‘They brought a six year old surviving victim,’ he said. ‘For six years old she was just unbelievable. She sat in the audience of potential witnesses.’

‘I think once I knew that he couldn’t see me,’ the now adult Hronas explained. ‘I didn’t have any fear about it.’

In the line-up, Ramirez and a number of other men were asked to repeat phrases including ‘shut up b***h’, ‘where’s the money?’ and ‘where’s the jewellery?’.

Ramirez was second in the line-up.

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Gil Carillo was left in tears over her bravery (Picture: Netflix)

Gil Carrillo, the second detective on the case, tells cameras: ‘They asked if anybody had any questions, her little hand went up.

‘I said “what is it sweetheart?” And she said, “do I write the word two, or the number two?”’

The bravery of Hronas ensured that the police knew the Night Stalker had finally been caught – after killing more than a dozen people and robbing, assaulting and raping many others.

However, it was decided that due to her young age and the 13 potential death penalties weighed against Ramirez for the murders, that they would not let the youngster testify in court and face her attacker again.

‘Before the preliminary hearing, district attorney Phil Halpern, sergeant solerno and I, went out to the home of the six year old surviving victim,’ Carrillo said. ‘Her mommy’s holding her hand, and she whispered something in mommy’s ear.

‘Mommy looked at me and said, “She remembers you the best, because you remind her of a teddy bear.”’

‘[She said] “I will testify in court if it means keeping him locked up so he can’t hurt any other little girls like he hurt me,” he continued. ‘Tears started running down my cheeks and I said excuse me and I walked out.

‘I couldn’t take this. I have a soft spot, obviously have a soft spot, for kids.’

Despite her horrific ordeal, Hronas is determined to not let it define her, and she is now married with children of her own.

‘I grew up, I went to school, I got married. I have a family, I’m not letting that [experience] turn me into what he was.’

Night Stalker is available now on Netflix.

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