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Nightmare mum ambushes son with blind date in front of his girlfriend

An overbearing mum ambushed her son and his girlfriend’s lunch by turning up with another woman she wanted to set him up with.

Dramatic scenes in the upcoming episode of I Love A Mama’s Boy, saw mum Laila turn up unannounced at the restaurant with Wagma, a potential suitor who she wanted to marry her son Shekab and become her daughter-in-law.

Shekab and his girlfriend Emily were naturally shaken by the unexpected arrival and low and behold, all hell broke out.

‘Are you serious, mum?’ Shekeb asked, perplexed. He then turned to his girlfriend and explained: ‘She told me that she wants to set me up but I said no.’

‘No way, this can’t be a blind date in front of my face,’ Emily seethed.

Standing up to his mum, Shekeb blasted her behaviour, but she fought back.

My Celebrity Life –
Shekeb and Emily were furious by Laila’s ambush (Picture: TLC)

‘I’m doing the right thing,’ Laila said, calmly. ‘I know Emily wants to get to know me better, but I don’t need it. I don’t want to. So, that’s why I invited Wagma to come.’

Understandably upset by Laila’s harsh words, Emily retorted: ‘No, I’m not okay with this. This is crossing a line. This is embarrassing and something I could never even imagine.’

My Celebrity Life –
Laila doesn’t want Emily to marry her son (Picture: TLC)

‘So if you’re embarrassed, just walk away,’ Laila suggested.

To add insult to injury, it quickly transpired that Wagma was none the wiser either.

‘I wish that Laila told me that Shekeb was dating another woman,’ she told the camera. ‘I wanted to meet Shekeb but this was just too awkward.’

As Wagma got up to leave, Emily fired: ‘I try my best to be conservative, to be respectful, you keep saying that I’m not a good woman.

‘I will marry who I want to marry, and that is Shekeb.’

Will Laila give Emily a chance, or is it just not meant to be for the young couple?

I Love A Mama’s Boy is available to stream on Discovery+.

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