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Outer Banks season 2 review: Teen drama raises stakes even higher as treasure hunt takes outrageously entertaining turns

Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline’s chemistry steals the show once again in Outer Banks season two (Picture: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Season 2 of Outer Banks is exactly what the doctor ordered as devoted fans of the Netflix adventure drama finally find out what happens next to John B. Routledge (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline).

Set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, breakout hit followed a group of wild teenagers’ attempts to find out what happened to their leader John B’s missing father, and the legendary treasure he tracked down.

The intense finale of the first season saw John B and Sarah on their way to the Bahamas, the very place where Sarah’s father Ward (Charles Esten) had sent the stolen $400million (£286m) in gold bullion.

Picking up right where things left off, we follow John B and Sarah’s haphazard mission to try and grab the gold back from Ward’s iron-tight grasp. It goes without saying that they encounter a lot of challenges at every turn.

Meanwhile, Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and J.J. (Rudy Pankow) are understandably shattered by the ‘loss’ of their fellow Pogue and his girlfriend.

As they try and find a way to move forward, yet another unexpected twist sees them caught up in another perplexing situation relating to Denmark Tanny.

The series picks up exactly where we left off with John B presumed dead (Picture: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

How one group of teenagers can find themselves in so much drama is a question viewers will ask themselves several times per episode as the series once again delivers a whirlwind of shootouts, conspiracies, and deaths as characters continue to fight over drugs, power, and treasure.

‘Stupid things have positive outcomes all the time’ is a delightful line delivered by J.J. and one can’t help but wonder if that might just be the unofficial motto for the entire series.

The Pogues find themselves on a new adventure as the three amigos (Picture: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Despite the somewhat outrageous situations that these characters find themselves in, the cast once again manages to make it all feel real as they deliver powerful and entertaining performances with ease.

Of course, romance woes manage to find a way to take up some space amid the more action-packed plot points. Real-life couple Stokes and Cline continue to sizzle on screen together while viewers will be left somewhat surprised to see the way Pope and Kie’s connection from season one plays out.

However, it is the portrayal of unwavering friendship and loyalty that is the heart of this ridiculously addictive series.

Sarah Cameron continues to find herself torn between her friends and her family (Picture: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Elsewhere, Drew Starkey returns as an even more unhinged Rafe, with the actor managing to both terrify and elicit a response of pity as his character continues on his mission to somehow be the son his father will finally be proud of.

Speaking of fathers, Ward ensures he will never be the labeled dad of the year as he proves that he is truly willing to do anything for the money.

Esten continues to perfectly navigate the fine line in which the character can dart from a murderous monster to a caring daddy in the blink of an eye.

Kie and Pope relationship status is all sorts of complicated (Picture: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Verdict on Outer Banks season 2

Just like season one, Outer Banks makes no effort to try and pretend the show is based in the world of reality.

Fans returning to watch the Pogues story continue will be delighted to see the series deliver above and beyond when it comes to high-stakes drama, incredibly far-fetched plot points, and some truly explosive twists.

By the time it’s all over, viewers might feel like they have been caught in a tropical storm that somehow left them feeling like they’ve been on the ultimate joyride.

Fans will surely be desperate for more after watching the 10 new episodes, so it feels safe to assume a third season will be delivered in a year’s time.

Indeed, creator Jonas Pate has a plan in mind for another three seasons, though nothing is yet to be officially announced.

Until then, fan groups and forums will have a field day trying to figure out what comes next for the Pogues, which relationships will flourish, and trying to find clues as to what surprises could lie in store.

Outer Banks season two premieres on Netflix on July 30.

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