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Pensioner asked unsuspecting stepson to sharpen the knife she used to stab husband to death

A pensioner asked her unsuspecting stepson to sharpen the knife she used to stab and brutally murder her husband.

The gruesome details will come to light tonight in Kym Marsh’s crime series Murder Next Door.

Audrey Hingston, 81 stabbed her 83-year-old husband Eric to death at their home in Plympton, Devon in 2003.

Initially, police believed that the murder was a burglary gone wrong, although, as Audrey’s lies started to unfold they realised that she was the culprit all along.

Audrey, who was the oldest person in the UK to be jailed, made TV appeals to locate her husband’s killers, and she even managed to provide police with the description of the two suspects.

However, police later tracked down the two men, who had cast-iron alibis at the time of the crime.

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The flat where the couple lived (Picture: Matt Gordon Woodcut Media)

Detective Sergeant Tony Carney, who was first on the scene, explained that there were a number of factors that led them to believe it was a premeditated murder.

‘It became apparent very quickly that we weren’t finding any foreign fingerprints or any glove marks in their flat,’ Tony told us. ‘All we found everywhere we went, was Audrey’s.

‘And you have to ask if you were a burglar and you saw somebody sat up in bed
with a light on, the window open, would you go in?’

My Celebrity Life –
Audrey tried to tell police it was a burglary gone wrong (Picture: PA)

When police turned their attention to Audrey, they searched the flat again and eventually came across the murder weapon, a seven-inch serrated kitchen knife which was ‘smeared’ in Eric’s blood.

The former police officer went on to add that Audrey had been to visit her stepson James Hingston at his pasty factory two weeks prior to the attack.

My Celebrity Life –
Former police detective Tony Carney was the first on the scene (Picture: Matt Gordon Woodcut Media)

‘When we found the murder weapon, James’ wife Sally mentioned that Audrey had taken that knife down to the factory a couple of weeks before and asked James to sharpen it,’ Tony continued.

‘There are instances throughout the shows that it was clearly a premeditated murder.’

On October 7, 2003, Audrey was arrested for the murder of her husband.

In March 2004, after a one day trial in which she pleaded guilty to manslaughter through diminished responsibility, Audrey was sentenced to two years in jail.

She served just seven months before being released. Audrey died 12 years later.

Police never knew why Audrey killed Eric, but Tony believes it was when Eric, a fit and healthy man, became unwell.

‘During the war, he was a pilot for the Special Operations Executive, quite an outgoing man, very well respected,’ he added. ‘He’d always been active.

‘All of a sudden Eric is incapacitated and he can’t drive. He’s got asthma, their social life completely disappeared and Audrey, all of a sudden, is a care of a chronically ill man.

‘She was treated in June of that year for depression by her doctors. We are assuming she just got fed up and overburdened looking after Eric, which is why she murdered him.’

The four-part series Murder at my Door with Kym Marsh premieres on CRIME+INVESTIGATION with the first episode airing tonight.

Episodes will be available for 30 days on catch up and on-demand services.


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