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Phillip Schofield and Sarah Greene horrified by ruined Blue Peter time capsule as they reunite for grand opening

Phillip Schofield and Sarah Greene, icons of 80s children’s TV, have reunited to open a momentous Blue Peter time capsule – but things didn’t exactly go to plan.

The duo presented the show Going Live! from 1987 to 1993 and reunited when Sarah popped into This Morning.

Phil revealed that builders had recently discovered a time capsule buried 41 years ago – and Sarah was there to help him and his co-star Holly Willoughby open it as she was presenting on the day it was buried in 1981.

The capsule, buried by a class in Samuel Lucas School in Hitchin in the carpark of Television Centre, where Blue Peter was filmed, featured ‘records of what life was like in the 1980s’, including projects and drawings from the children on food, fashion, and sport. It also featured records from Blue Peter at the time, including photos of the presenters and their ‘signature tunes’

However, the opening wasn’t quite as grand as some might have expected, as when the lid to the capsule was lifted, all that was revealed was some unpleasant brown sludge.

As the capsule opened, the trio could be heard saying: ‘Oh my god,’ before bursting into laughter.

The trio opened the capsule together (Picture: ITV)
Not quite the reveal we might have been opening for (Picture: ITV)

‘I don’t think you need to see!’ Sarah cried, attempting to shield the capsule from the cameras.

‘Well, look at that,’ Phillip marvelled, with Sarah asserting: ‘Perhaps we should have wrapped things up a little more…thoroughly.’

Ever the optimist, Holly said: ‘Do you know what? I reckon it’s wrapped in plastic and I reckon under there there might be something salvageable. So we’ll have a little rummage.’

As for what’s in the capsule, Sarah said she believes there are projects from children in there, which Phil assured her he’d take her word for.

She added that there should be some old film tapes in there, with Phil quickly pointing out the risks of keeping nitrate film.

They included projects from school (Picture: BBC/YouTube)
Also included were records of Blue Peter at the time, like photos of the presenters and pup Goldie (Picture: BBC/YouTube)
Sarah didn’t seem too impressed (Picture: ITV)

The presenters went on to complain about the capsule being ‘whiffy’.

‘It’s rust and age,’ Phil reflected, with Sarah quipping: ‘No, that’s just me.’

Various Blue Peter time capsules have been opened over the years, with one from 1971 famously being opened in 2000 for the turn of the milennium.

Presenters Valerie Singleton, John Noakes and Peter Purves reunited to open the capsule they had buried in the Blue Peter garden.

However, it’s not unusual for a few of the items to need some salvaging – in 2000, the presenters unearthed a tape that had been ruined by water damage.

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