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Phillip Schofield brought daughters’ goldfish back to life with cappuccino whisk

Phillip Schofield revealed that he once brought his daughter’s goldfish back to life with a cappuccino whisk.

During Tuesday’s This Morning, Phillip and his co-host Holly Willoughby spoke with Dame Judi Dench via video link about how she once saved her goldfish.

Dame Judi explained to the presenters that she gave her goldfish mouth-to-mouth and resuscitated it.

‘To have brought it back to life by blowing into its mouth,’ Phillip exclaimed.

‘I brought a fish back to life once for my girls with a cappuccino whisk.’

My Celebrity Life –

Phillip once brought a goldfish back to life (Picture: ITV)

‘It was in the water and it was a warm day and obviously the oxygen had dropped very low and the fish was suddenly floating on the surface,’ Phillip recalled.

‘The girls went “Oh my god the fish is dead” so I got the cappuccino whisk and whisked up the water to oxygenate.’

My Celebrity Life –

Dame Judi Dench once gave her goldfish mouth-to-mouth (Picture: ITV)

Demonstrating what the fish did at the time Phillip added: ‘And suddenly the fish went…it was almost like it shook its head and went “what the hell was that?” and came back to life.’

‘It’s a good tip for goldfish keepers,’ Dame Judi chipped in.

This Morning viewers were loving both Phillip’s and Dame Judi’s goldfish stories, and some even took to social media to share their own tales.

One tweeted: ‘We once brought a goldfish to life with whisky. We thought it was dying so put some in the water to help it go quicker. The next morning it was swimming around fine and lived for years. Possibly an infection the whisky cured?’

Another commented: ‘My late dad also brought back to life one of our goldfish by giving it mouth to mouth! People don’t believe me when I tell them, but it’s true!’




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