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Phillip Schofield forced to intervene as doctor and weight loss expert have vicious obesity row

Phillip Schofield was forced to step in when a conversation over obesity got out of hand on This Morning.

On today’s episode of the ITV show, Phillip and Holly Willoughby started a discussion on whether there should be more overweight childrens’ characters for kids to look up to.

While GP Natasha Larmie, who dubs herself The Fat Doctor, said that there should, Steve Miller, self-proclaimed weight loss guru who once said Bake Off should be banned, said there shouldn’t.

Both passionate in their arguments, the pair soon started talking over each other and rowing, with Steve claiming that Dr Larmie was ‘glorifying obesity’ and Dr Larmie saying to not have any fat representation at all on kids TV shows was discriminatory.

Phillip was then forced to chime in and tell them both to simmer down, as their Zoom calls were proving hard to keep track of as they talked over each other.

‘Don’t talk at the same time, because it’s even harder when we’re on calls like this, because you cut each other out.’

The conversation was then handed over to Steve, who said: ‘I think what I’m actually saying is that I think it is incredibly important to inspire, and to infuse our nation to live their life non-obese.

‘What you’re saying today is we should glorify it, let’s celebrate being fat.

‘If I came to you as a doctor, I reckon I’d walk out with a prescription that actually read “say to yourself and sing to yourself, if you’re happy, and you’re fat, clap your hands every day.”’

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Dr Larbie said the word fat was discriminatory (Picture: ITV)
My Celebrity Life –
Steve Miller claimed fat characters on TV would ‘glorify obesity’ (Picture: ITV)

Dr Larmie then smiled and said that he was somewhat correct, believing that health goes beyond body mass index, which has been proven over the years to be an inaccurate representation of health.

‘I look at the evidence, and it makes it very clear that you cannot tell whether a person is healthy just by weighing and measuring their body mass index,’ she said.

‘There are lots of studies, there’s one study that shows that 50% of people with a BMI of over 25 are actually healthy, and 30% of people who have gotten BMI under 25, are not healthy.

‘So actually what I do when I’m at work, is I never call people obese, because I know how triggering that word is.

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The debate ended up having to be calmed down (Picture: ITV)

‘I know that obesity, that word has contributed to a lot of weight stigma, and what that’s done is so dangerous in the medical profession.

‘My colleagues are not giving obese patients the same treatment that they’re giving to their thin patients.’

She later added that Steve’s claim that obesity is the second biggest killer, next to cancer, she blasted him for ‘stating false statistics’, and offered up evidence that suggested otherwise.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.


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