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Phillip Schofield interrupts midwife as she explains why she won’t have Covid vaccine despite having underlying health issues

The debate regarding the Covid-19 vaccine raged on during a This Morning segment, as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby spoke to two people working in the health and care sector who decided against having the jab.

Last year, it was announced that new regulations were going to be introduced in the UK requiring all NHS staff who face patients to be fully vaccinated or show proof that they are exempt.

On Thursday’s edition of This Morning, Phillip and Holly spoke to two such individuals who have decided not to have the jab despite being ‘devastated’ over the prospect of losing their jobs.

One of them was midwife Erica Thompson, who has worked in her profession for 21 years.

When Phillip originally asked her why she was choosing not to be vaccinated, she declined to answer, replying: ‘I do have reasons for doing that, but I think today what we want to talk about is the fact that we’re losing the ability to choose, that we are being mandated and told that we don’t have a choice…’

Phillip interrupted her at this point, saying that there could be mums with newborn babies who would want to know why she is not vaccinated.

Phillip questioned why she wouldn’t have the vaccine despite previous health issues (Picture: ITV)

‘They have a right to know why you chose not to do that, surely?’ he stated.

Erica then relented, explaining that she has had myocarditis, pericarditis and a neurological functional disorder in the past, and her mother died of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

She claimed that those health conditions had been linked ‘rarely’ to the vaccine.

Phillip interjected once more, thanking her for her honesty while pointing out that she has decided not to have the vaccine despite having ‘underlying health issues’.

Erica defended her view despite the prospect of losing her job (Picture: ITV)

Backing her view, Erica said that she’s weighed up the risks of having Covid, having tested positive in the past and therefore ‘has antibodies’.

She also said that she doesn’t believe she is putting her patients at risk, adding that the supposed link between myocarditis and the vaccine was a factor in her decision.

Dr Philippa Kaye, who was in the ITV studio, spoke up to outline that the risks of getting myocarditis – which is inflammation of the heart muscle – are ‘greater with Covid itself than with the vaccine’.

Several This Morning viewers criticised Phillip for his line of questioning, saying that in their opinion, he shouldn’t have pried into Erica’s personal health.

‘This is wrong, Phil shouldn’t be able to ask these questions,’ one person tweeted, while another wrote: ‘P**s of Phil. People’s reasons are none of your or anyone else’s business!!’

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.


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