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Phillip Schofield wants to fly to space for This Morning: ‘Without question!’

Phillip Schofield told the panel on This Morning that he would love to fly to space for the ITV morning programme.

This revelation came after he, Holly Willoughby, Gyles Brandreth and Vanessa Feltz were discussing multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos being flown into space.

The Amazon boss confirmed he will be going up into space aboard a rocket from his Blue Origin space company.

Bezos, who is due to step down as Amazon CEO, will join his brother Mark on the first human flight aboard the New Shephard spaceship on July 20.

‘What kind of madness is this? Don’t earn all of this money if you’re going to risk putting yourself in space. Don’t go shooting yourself out into the atmosphere,’ Gyles said.

‘It’s absolutely crazy, it’s mad.’

Phillip wants to fly into outer space (Picture: ITV/Getty)

Referring to her co-host Phillip, Holly said: ‘You say it’s crazy and mad but ask Mr Buzz Lightyear over here, he’d be up in a heartbeat.’

Sure enough, Phillip said he would fly up ‘without question’ and added that he’d hoped someone would pay for his ticket.

When questioned why he would want to, he said: ‘Why not experience something like that?’

Phillip explained that he would love to be offered the opportunity.

Jeff Bezos is going to fly into space (Picture: Getty Images)

‘I did watch this on the news last night and I found myself conflicted, because I thought, what an amazing thing to do, send me to the moon. I’d definitely go and a lot of people would say “Yeah, send him to the moon”,’ the host joked.

‘Obviously, I’m not going to pay a massive amount of money for it, you’d hope to be invited at some stage. I’d do it for telly, but I did think what an incredible waste of fuel and resources, it’s not very green.’

Gyles couldn’t help but laugh before he added: ‘I love the way you’re saying that, “Oh maybe somebody could invite me on a trip to the moon”.’

The host erupted into laughter.

‘I could do it for This Morning, I could do it as a film,’ he added.

Phillip explained that he’s so eager, he would do it tomorrow.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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