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Phillip Schofield’s face says it all as Shaun Ryder reveals his alien encounters on This Morning

Shaun Ryder shared his sightings of aliens on This Morning leaving Phillip Schofield completely dumbstruck.

The Happy Mondays star said he was 15 when he had his first run-in with a UFO, before bearing witness once again to something other-worldly in 2013.

‘We saw this thing zigzagging about,’ Shaun said of his debut sighting which happened when he was a delivery boy, adding it was ‘long before my encounters with hallucinogenics.’

Shaun said he had to really think about whether what he was seeing was ‘all in my nut’.

‘When I started seeing other things, I nearly went to get things checked out because when you start hallucinating on things you could be losing your eyesight,’ he continued.

Shaun’s second sighting occurred when he was making a UFO documentary and he was initially convinced the production crew were playing a trick on him.

‘I looked out in my back garden and over my apple tree was this big plastic air fix looking wobbly thing that looked like it was hanging in the air on strings because it was moving.’

My Celebrity Life –
Shaun was 15 when he saw his first alien, apparently (Picture: ITV)
My Celebrity Life –
Phil listened in disbelief (Picture: ITV)

‘I’m slapping myself stupid,’ he added, with Phil sat with his mouth open wide in total disbelief.

‘The way you describe it sounds like the Del Boy of aliens, some ramshackle air fix thing around a tree,’ Phil remarked.

‘How did that get from the far flung corners of the universe?’

‘To me it looked like it was made out of plastic,’ Shaun replied.

My Celebrity Life –
Shaun described his encounters on today’s show(Picture: ITV)






Shaun later hosted This Morning’s phone in where the show heard from fans who had also either sighted UFOs or been involved in fake reports.

Viewers were living for the scenes, with one branding the whole shebang ‘peak TV’.

‘Only on #thismorning could you have a segment about endometriosis followed by Shaun Ryder and the aliens.’

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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