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Piers Morgan and ‘bonkers’ Jim Davidson in ferocious clash in row over Boris Johnson as Covid death toll reaches painful milestone

Piers Morgan has hit back at Jim Davidson after the comedian slammed the Good Morning Britain host and Susanna Reid for criticising Boris Johnson.

During Wednesday’s GMB, Piers accused the Prime Minister of ‘not being sorry for anything he has done’ after he confirmed that the Covid-19 death toll had surpassed 100,000.

At the beginning of the programme, Piers and Susanna discussed how Mr Johnson defended the government’s response to the pandemic.

Piers said it was a ‘lie’ that the government did everything they could to minimise the ‘lost of life’.

‘You could have done a lot more and then we wouldn’t have been in this mess,’ the host told viewers.

‘Boris is sorry, he is sorry for the 100,000 people that have died.’

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Piers Morgan accused the Prime Minister of ‘not being sorry for anything he has done’ (Picture: ITV/REX)

‘I don’t think we doubt the fact that he’s extremely sorry,’ Susanna chipped in.

‘The Prime Minister is sorry,’ Piers continued. ‘He bowed his head and I am all for leaders showing empathy.

‘But, what is he sorry for? Is he sorry for any of the actions he took and judging by what he said, no he is not. He’s not sorry for anything he has done.

‘He did a lot of things wrong and I want to hear the government admitting it.’

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Boris Johnson confirmed that there have been 100,000 Covid deaths (Picture: PA)

Following the show, Jim took to social media to air his frustration with the presenters’ criticism of the Prime Minister.

Sharing a short clip to his Twitter account, Jim began: ‘I can’t believe what I am listening to. Talk about opportunist, Piers Morgan calling for the Prime Minister to resign because we’ve reached 100,000.

‘They didn’t call for him to resign last week when we reached 98,000. Why are people so mad about figures, we had 100,000 people die.

‘No one knew about this virus and Piers is saying “What did the Prime Minister do?”

‘Piers, you make me so angry. I am ashamed to have sat in front of you and told you my life story. You don’t deserve to listen to my life story.’

‘You don’t deserve to listen to anyone’s life story because you don’t f*****g listen,’ he added.

‘And now, you idiot, you just want to lay blame on the Prime Minister to make yourself look good.

‘This is what this is about, is you wanting to look good.’

The 67-year-old went on to tell Piers and Susanna that they ‘should be ashamed’ of themselves.

‘Instead of trying to trip the Prime Minister over, why don’t you try to help,’ he told them.

‘Why do you think no one comes on your f*****g show? The Prime Minister has got better things to do.’

Jim’s video has received a lot of reaction online from fans, including Piers himself.

Piers replied to one of his followers called Julie, who explained to the host that she was ‘shocked’ at Jim’s video.

‘Thanks, Julie. Sadly this pandemic has sent a lot of high-profile people like Jim Davidson bonkers, and brought out the worst in them,’ Piers penned.

‘I won’t lose any sleep over it. Appreciate your support.’


It also comes after Piers released an election-style video to make him Prime Minister after a number of campaigns were set up from fans.

During Wednesday’s GMB, the 55-year-old unveiled his campaign video featuring appearances from the likes of Peter Andre and Strictly Come Dancing pro Kevin Clifton.

Piers and Susanna also paid a moving tribute to all of the people that lost their lives to Covid. has reached out to Jim and Piers’ rep for comment.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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