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Piers Morgan reminds Gemma Collins she was told she was ‘too fat for TV’ aged 18

Piers Morgan jumps right back to the beginning of Gemma Collins’ career in television in tonight’s episode of Life Stories and reminds her how she was once asked to drop two stone for the first show of her career.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, who recently defended the former Towie star after she was bombarded with death threats, discusses Gemma’s debut TV appearance in the series Snobs and what her agent at the time said to her.

‘You went to a TV agent to see if they would take you on,’ Piers probes. ‘Do you remember what they said to you?’

Unsure, Gemma says she doesn’t recall what they had said, prompting Piers to reply: ‘She said that you, “…had the charisma but you were too fat to be on TV”… And suggested you lose two stone.’

‘Look where I am now honey?’ Gemma points out. ‘Yeah, well she can eat her words now.

‘But I never gave up and I think people admire that about me. Yeah, I have not been blessed with, you know, a Victoria’s Secret’s body but it’s my body and I love it. I am what I am.’

My Celebrity Life –
Gemma was told to lose two stone (Picture: ITV)

‘This was it,’ Piers reacts. ‘This was the door wrenching open and you, Gemma Collins, burst through.’

My Celebrity Life –
Gemma Collins’ first TV appearance was in a show called Snobs (Picture: ITV)

Gemma continues: ‘At the time we didn’t know that, because how the producers put it to me was, “Look we’re gonna need you for seven weeks. Basically, at the end of seven weeks we’ll give it a review.”

‘So I thought, right I’ve got seven weeks to make sure that I never, ever turn backwards and at the end of the show that was it, signed, sealed and delivered.’

Elsewhere in the upcoming episode, Gemma vows to delete her £1million sex tape after planning to sell the footage if she ever went skint.

The reality star explained that she had hatched a plan to make a seven-figure sum from the X-rated video if she ever needed the money because ‘sex sells’, however quickly u-turned on the idea.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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