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Piers Morgan returns to breakfast TV after almost a year and delivers scathing takedown of Prince Harry and Boris Johnson

Piers Morgan returned to his natural habitat of breakfast TV this weekend almost a year after he quit Good Morning Britain and not much has changed. 

The broadcaster appeared on BBC’s Sunday Morning with Sophie Raworth to discuss all the bombshell headlines that have gripped the nation over the past week, from Prince Andrew’s sex assault trial to Novak Djokovic’s deportatation scandal.

After being introduced to the programme, Piers noted: ‘I haven’t been on breakfast television for nearly a year, it feels weird but sort of nice. My one question for you is: Am I allowed to have an opinion? Because that was the problem last time.’

Discussing the headlines hours after he slammed Djokovic on Twitter, the presenter said: ‘There’s a common theme isn’t there of all the people in the news, whether it’s Novak Djokovic who’s just been told he’s going to be deported for breaking all sorts of rules.

‘You have Boris Johnson who thinks the rules don’t apply to him, you have Prince Andrew who believes the rules don’t apply to him, Prince Harry’s popped his head up from California, again wanting to have his Royal cake and eat it, so there’s a common theme of people in powerful positions who basically want to have one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us.’

Of course, it wasn’t long before Piers was criticising Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their request to have protection from British police so they can visit the UK despite quitting as senior Royals in 2020.

‘It was absolutely chillingly inevitable that these two would pop their heads up again, right when the Queen least wants them to. I feel sorry for the Queen, it’s her Platinum Jubilee year,’ Piers said.

The presenter sensationally quit Good Morning Britain in March 2021 (Picture: ITV)

He then told Harry: ‘Sorry mate, that’s not how this works.

‘Why should the British police protect him? He’s now a private citizen, he doesn’t do any Royal duties, they’re making hundreds of millions of dollars fleecing their Royal titles, which they still have while simultaneously trashing the Royal family and the institution of the monarchy that his grandmother is the head of, and now they want to have their cake as always.

‘I think again there’s a brazen double standard.’

Taking aim at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the ongoing controversy around the spate of lockdown parties at Downing Street, Piers said: ‘This really comes down to that one party… the one party back in May 2020.

‘This was a time when the entire country had been in lockdown for weeks on end, this was a time when you couldn’t see loved ones when they were dying from this virus…

‘I had a cousin who couldn’t see his dying father… I had a coworker, Kate Garraway, at Good Morning Britain who couldn’t go see her critically ill husband, all over the country people had these horrific stories of separation and yet the very people who were telling the country to do this, were having a massive knees-up in Downing Street that night and carried on having knees-up throughout the entire pandemic, and it’s a complete disgrace.’

He added: ‘It’s the hypocrisy and brazen double standards which I think is really cutting through to the British public.’

Piers won’t be absent from screens for too long as he is set to launch a daily news programme on TalkTV this spring.

Promoting his brand new series, the TV star quipped: ‘I’ll be a tri-continent irritant which is something I’ve been aspiring to be for quite some time… If you’ve missed me on morning TV, I’m sorry, I’ll be back very soon.

‘If you haven’t missed me, I’m not sorry.’

Sunday Morning airs weekly at 9am on BBC One.


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