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Piers Morgan slates Emily Ratajkowski’s nude baby bump snaps: ‘I’m done with naked pregnant celebrities’

Piers Morgan has declared he’s ‘done seeing naked, pregnant celebrities’ and claims women are doing it ‘just for clicks’ after seeing Emily Ratajkowski’s naked bump pics.

The Good Morning Britain host was back on a rant this morning, noting Emily’s latest Instagram naked photos of her baby bump progress.

While Susanna Reid looked on the photo favourably, saying that the model was ‘celebrating her body’, Piers took a far more dim view of the pics, saying she was using her pregnancy ‘for clicks’.

Mocking Emily by calling her a ‘very private lady, very concerned about her privacy always, revealing very private pictures of herself’, Piers appeared annoyed when the naked photos weren’t shown, instead replaced with her wearing an oversized jacket.

‘Well these are the ones we clothes on, are they? These are the ones we can show? Well, what’s the point of doing it then?’ he declared. ‘The whole point is she’s gone completely naked.’

‘It seems almost mandatory now for women when they’re pregnant, famous women to go naked just to show us what a naked pregnant woman looks like,’ he added.

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Emily Ratajkowski has happily posed naked on Instagram to show her baby bump progress (Picture: Instagram)

‘I’m not sure how easily that sits with the privacy stuff, really.’

‘I think we’re kind of done, aren’t we? With the naked pregnant famous person doing it just for clicks,’ Piers continued.

‘Demi Moore did it about 30 years ago and it’s like ever since, every week there’s another famous pregnant woman going, “look at me! I’m naked and pregnant”.’

At that point Susanna stepped in and said: ‘Every pregnant girl or woman has a right to do what they want to.’

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