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Piers Morgan tells Laurence Fox to ‘shut up’ after boasting about breaking lockdown rules with ‘large’ gathering

Piers Morgan has ripped into Laurence Fox for irresponsibly tweeting that he had a ‘large group’ of friends over to his house for lunch.

The Lewis actor revealed that he hosted several friends at his house for lunch and admitted to sharing hugs with them despite England’s current lockdown measures which bans people meeting indoors or outside with a group larger than six.

Reacting to Laurence’s tweet, Piers said on Monday’s Good Morning Britain: ‘You know what Laurence? Why don’t you just shut up? Seriously.

Why don’t you think about the NHS, think about these heroic people who right now in hospitals all around the country are continuing to save lives of complete strangers who have Covid-19, this lethal virus.

‘Think about all the people in care homes who can’t see their loved ones because they’re abiding by the rules because they don’t want to kill their parents or grandparents.

‘Think about all the people who are making these decisions everyday not for themselves and their desire to just carry on life as normal, but for other people because they actually care about other people.’

Piers continued: ‘I just found that a ridiculous tweet and it epitomises the attitude of a small minority of people in this country who just don’t think this virus is for them. They just don’t understand why they can’t carry on partying and breaking every rule in the process.


‘It’s not just about you, it’s about other people. The most vulnerable people in our society… People with underlying issues, it’s to stop them being killed. It’s not about you.

‘Think about what you’re doing laurence, you’ve got 240,000 followers hanging off your every word and you tweet garbage like that.’

Susanna Reid agreed and said: ‘It’s dangerous… Compliance isn’t violence, compliance is compassion.’

Her particular message was in response to Laurence’s tweet on Sunday, which read: ‘Just had a large group over to lunch and we hugged and ate and talked and put the world to rights. It was lovely.

‘You’ll never take that away from people. Stay out. Protect your rights. If the @nhs can’t cope, then the @nhs isn’t fit for purpose. Compliance is violence.’


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