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Rabbits fight it out like Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in Bridget Jones in new Apple series

Hugh Grant and Colin Firth’s iconic Bridget Jones’ Diary fight is iconic – and it looks like bunny rabbits are taking a leaf out of their book.

In Apple TV’s documentary series Earth At Night In Colour, two rabbits in the snow fight to be Alpha – and when neither backs down, it ends up in a tussle that’s both adorable and hilarious.

So just like Darcy and Daniel Cleaver.

Standing up on their hind legs, the pair go at it like boxers attempting to swipe at their opponent while trying not to topple over.

Soon they’re rolling around in the snow as they try to beat the other, while a third rabbit watches on unimpressed, just like Bridget.

At least they have Tom Hiddleston commentating the entire thing to make it at least seem a little bit more cool.

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The rabbits send fists flying to be considered Alpha (Picture: Apple TV Plus)

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The iconic scrap on Bridget Jones is legendary (Picture: Universal)

‘Rivals must be seen off,’ Tom explains. ‘Competition for food and mates can be fierce. Their chasing can hit speeds of 40km an hour.

‘But when his rival won’t back down, the gloves really come off.’

‘Few punches hit the target, it’s all about who looks the toughest,’ he adds.

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The awkward tussle is just like the iconic Bridget Jones scene (Picture: Apple TV Plus)

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Hugh Grant and Colin Firth made rubbish fighting iconic (Picture: Universal)

Thankfully there’s no restaurant windows for them to fall through, unlike their human counterparts – but we have to admit we enjoyed their attempts at being macho as they went snout to snout.

Who do we ask for a Bridget Jones’ bunny remake?

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The adorable bunnies aren’t afraid of going snout to snout (Picture: Apple TV Plus)

Hugh and Colin deliberately didn’t choreograph their fight sequence in the 2001 movie – because they wanted it to look as ‘naff and middle class as possible’.

Well, they succeeded – and in 2004 they ended up in another fight in a fountain during sequel, The Edge Of Reason.

The adorable new clip from Earth At Night In Colour comes as Apple TV+ up their stakes in nature documentaries.

A second series, starring Sir David Attenborough, is also launching a new The Year The Earth Changes – talking about the positive effects lockdown has given to the natural world.

Earth At Night In Colour is available on Apple TV Plus.

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