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Recoupling leaves Tasha Ghouri in tears while Paige Thorne’s romance with Jacques O’Neill stronger than ever: Love Island episode 19 talking points

Tasha was in tears as the recoupling loomed, unsure if Charlie (R) would steal her from Andrew (L) (Picture: ITV)

After last night’s episode of Charlie Radnedge choosing Tasha Ghouri for a date, Paige Thorne in tears over getting to know Jay Younger, and Davide Sanclimenti planting a kiss on Danica Taylor, it was clear tonight was going to be dramatic.

And, of course, it did not disappoint.

Tonight saw the fallout from Charlie and Tasha’s date, couples growing closer after finally returning back together since the last recoupling, and a few surprises thrown into the mix.

Tasha in tears before recoupling

Following her date with Charlie in the hot-tub, Tasha had a chat with Andrew Le Page, who she was coupled up with, however it ended in disarray after she failed to reassure him that she wouldn’t be sharing a bed with Charlie if he chose her to recouple with.

While Tasha admitted she didn’t know whether she would or wouldn’t share a bed with Charlie, and was still open to getting to know him despite her pairing with Andrew getting stronger by day, Andrew was clearly left on edge after a chat to Luca Bish and the other boys about his awkward position.

Things became even more tense after Tasha and Andrew’s chat, leaving Tasha walking off in tears, saying she ‘can’t deal’ with it all.

Despite being happily coupled up with Andrew, Tasha was in tears as the recoupling loomed (Picture: ITV)

Andrew turned to the boys for a chat while showing nerves before recoupling

After hearing about Tasha’s ‘good date’ with Charlie, Andrew was nervous for the recoupling and turned to the boys for some advice.

New bombshell Charlie made it clear he has his eyes on Tasha (Picture: ITV)

While they all agreed Tasha was free to get to know anyone else in the villa, Luca Bish stated that were he and Gemma Owen in that position (which indeed they had been as Danica Taylor had stolen him), one of them would certainly be sleeping in the dog house.

Later, Andrew tried to defend himself, saying his Love Island ‘experience’ would start ‘tomorrow’, hinting that Tasha’s choice would clearly impact how he felt about their relationship.

So far, Tasha has been happily coupled up with Andrew (Picture: ITV)

After the recoupling, in which Charlie actually chose Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, and Andrew was free to pick Tasha, Tasha was once again in tears when speaking to Gemma Owen about how she felt, before she asked Dami Hope and Luca to speak to both her and Andrew and explain the faces they had made during the recoupling.

Dramatic recoupling leaves fans accusing Davide of ‘mugging off’ Danica

Elsewhere in the recoupling, fans accused Davide of ‘mugging off’ Danica, after he picked new bombshell Antigoni Buxton, despite planting a kiss on Danica only yesterday.

The snog came well and truly out of the blue, and even Danica was shocked after Italian stallion Davide went in for a rather intense kiss, unsure of quite what to say afterwards.

Davide planted a kiss on Danica only yesterday (Picture: ITV)

Danica had not yet formed a close bond with any of the other boys in the villa, but both her and Davide expressed a flirtatious interest in getting to know one another.

However, all that seemed to change tonight, after Davide picked Antigoni, and fans were not impressed, calling out Davide for ‘mugging off’ Danica.

Davide chose to couple up with new bombshell Antigoni (Picture: ITV)

Jay ditches Ekin-Su for Paige, stealing her from Jacques

After Jay had revealed he was interested in getting to know Paige yesterday, it was predicted he would be stealing her from Jacques today, and he did just that.

Jay Younger ‘stole’ Paige from Jacques, who she had been coupled up with (Picture: ITV)

Yesterday, a teary-eyed Paige had revealed: ‘My mind is still on Jacques,’ and speaking to Tasha, admitted she didn’t want to get to know Jay, and was happy focused on Jacques, despite not expecting him to put all his eggs in her basket just yet.

‘You either have all of my effort or none of it,’ she had said.

Paige had been in tears after hearing Jay was keen to get to know her (Picture: ITV)

The next morning however, she admitted ‘I’d be stupid to cut myself off so early on,’ she said, revealing Jay was her ‘type to a tee’ when he had entered the villa.

But will her head be turned after sharing a bed with him?

Jacques and Paige seem to be as happy as ever, despite the surprise recoupling (Picture: ITV)

Paige’s relationship with Jacques remains stronger than ever, despite being split by Jay

It doesn’t look like Paige’s head will be turned, especially after her and Jacques shared an adorable chat after the recoupling tonight.

After he called her his ‘best friend’, beaming as he admitted he had found his best friend since entering the villa, Paige kissed him goodnight in front of Jay, and Jacques and Paige held hands together from different beds once the lights were off.

Their relationship seems to be getting stronger day by day, but will her head be turned after sharing a bed with Jay?

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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