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Richard Madeley apologises for calling Insulate Britain campaigner ‘darling’ in chaotic interview

Richard Madeley immediately apologised for calling an Insulate Britain campaigner ‘darling’ as they got into a heated clash on Good Morning Britain. 

Climate change campaigner Tracey Mullaghan appeared on the ITV programme on Wednesday to discuss the group’s continued road-blocking protests that has caused traffic disruption around London, as well as the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

At one point, Mullaghan challenged Richard: ‘Do you know what a two degree world look like? A 95% chance of a two degree world for our children, do you know what that looks like?’

Richard tried to interject: ‘You mentioned your children…,’ before Mullaghan interrupted: ‘Why can’t we talk about it? That’s the conversation Richard.’

The presenter then said: ‘What you’re doing darling… sorry to call you darling, it’s a habit of mine.’

Mullaghan replied sarcastically: ‘You’ve already been told off, haven’t you sweetheart?’ referring to him recently receiving backlash for calling another guest ‘darling’.

My Celebrity Life –
Richard Madeley has called two guests ‘darling’ in a week (Picture: ITV)

Continuing to apologise, Richard added: ‘Quite rightly, it’s a showbiz thing, we all use that [word] so I completely take that back. Let’s just get back to the question because the question is what’s important.’

Later during the interview, the two clashed again as Richard said: ‘Your technique is never to answer the question, you simply come up with a series of questions of your own and that is not a good way to do an interview.’

Mullaghan shot back while raising her voice: ‘You have to stop this, are you stupid or heartless Richard?’

When the TV star accused her of patronising him, she replied: ‘I think you’re patronising me Richard, you called me darling.’

Richard replied: ‘It’s no good is it? We’re just not going to get anywhere are we because you refuse to listen.’

My Celebrity Life –
Insulate Britain campaigner Tracey Mullaghan accused Richard of ‘patronising’ her (Picture: ITV)

Reacting to Richard’s comment, a GMB tweeted: ‘

Please don’t do the ‘darling’ thing @richardm56. It IS patronising, it’s not a showbiz thing. Would you say it to @devisridhar for example? Eh no, didn’t think so. Come on, you’re better than that.’

Another weighed in: ‘Misogyny is rife of #gmb this morning ‘Darling’ & ‘hysterical’ being bandied about.’

However, one defended Richard and Ranvir’s handling of the interview and said: ‘Neither Richard nor Ranvir were bullies they were both calm articulate and trying to ask important questions but once again these people show themselves for who they are and embarrass themselves once again they are not helping themselves and I certainly will not support them.’

It comes just a week after Richard, 65, came under fire for calling another guest ‘darling’.

The presenter and his co-host Susanna Reid spearheaded a tense debate with parenting expert Jade Evans and crime writer Mark Billingham on whether Netflix’s hit drama Squid Game is suitable for children.

At one point, Richard interrupted Jade saying: ‘Hang on, hang on. Darling, let me finish the question. We’ve done the debate about video nasties.’

Jade was visibly shocked by Richard’s comment and frowned, with Mark also doing the same.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 


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