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Richard Madeley blows up at Labour MP on GMB for ‘not answering simple and polite question’ about Sir Keir Starmer replacement

Richard Madeley had absolutely zero chill on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain and exploded at a Labour MP for ‘dodging’ a question despite not giving him ample time to respond.

The presenter had asked Ian Murray MP who would be the next Labour leader if Sir Keir Starmer were to be fined by the police over a breach of lockdown rules, which he has received a questionnaire for.

‘Well, I think it’s quite clear what Boris Johnson wants to do because the only defence he has left,’ Mr Murray started to say.

But before Mr Murray could continue his response, Richard’s patience had worn thin and he started to fume.

‘Look, it’s an incredibly uncomplicated question,’ he snapped. ‘If you don’t want to answer it, that’s fine!

‘Just say “don’t ask me that question, Richard, I’m not going to answer it.” But the viewers at home can hear me ask a question and they can hear you give an answer to a question I haven’t asked.’

Richard Madeley exploded at a Labour MP on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain (Picture: ITV)
Ian Murray MP was accused of not answering a question and branded ‘rude’ (Picture: ITV)

Richard then ‘politely’ asked his question for a second time. ‘If Sir Keir does step down, and it’s a possibility, it’s not in the realms of utter fantasy, if he does step down because of a fine, who do you think might take over?’ he attempted.

He then quipped: ‘If you don’t want to answer it, say you don’t answer it, but don’t give me an answer for a question I haven’t asked. It’s just rude.’

‘Well, I think it’s also rude to interrupt when I’m trying to answer the question because,’ Mr Murray attempted, but was cut off before he could make his point.

‘No, excuse me,’ Richard shouted. ‘I’m interrupting you sir because you’re not answering the question and I will interrupt anyone of any party who doesn’t answer the question because that’s my job.

‘The question is, and it’s really simple and polite, who do you think might be the runners and riders to take over from Sir Keir Starmer. If you don’t want to answer the question, tell me and we’ll move on.’






‘It’s something we’re not considering at the moment for the simple reason that we think the accusations that have been put to Keir Starmer in terms of beergate are false and he was abiding by the rules.’

It’s fair to say that Richard’s head-to-head did not go down well with Good Morning Britain viewers, with many flooding social media with complaints.

GMB what a crap interviewer Richard Madeley is,’ one said. ‘How can anyone answer his speculative and aggressive questions when shouting over guest so you cannot hear them. This is not journalism, or make good tv. Why do @GMB employ him?’

Echoing a similar sentiment, another said: ‘Please get rid of Richard Madeley. Such a rude man and ruins #gmb. That Mp couldn’t answer. Wasn’t given a chance.’

The Durahm Constabulary is investigating a gathering in party offices in April last year in which the Labour leader was pictured drinking beer and eating curry after a day of campaigning.

Deputy leader Angela Rayner was also at the event, held at a time when people were banned from socialising indoors except with their household or support bubble.

If he ends up being fined by police over the meal and drinks, Sir Keir has pledged to resign.

The incident took place at Durham Miners’ Hall during a day of campaigning in the Hartlepool by-election.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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