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Rick and Morty season 5 finally seems to confirm the most popular fan theory

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Rick and Morty seems to confirm fan theory (Picture: Adult Swim)

Rick and Morty is a show with a dedicated fan base that concoct a variety of wild theories, and now it seems one of the most popular theories has been confirmed in season five.

The fourth run of the hit comedy came to an end on Adult Swim in the US back in June, and fans have been patiently waiting for new episodes ever since.

There have been teaser clips already dropping with early sketches of what’s to come. Makers of the show have also promised fans some ‘epic canon’ will be taking place.

One storylines fans are most curious about is Diane, Rick’s supposed wife and Beth’s mother.

Many ideas have been proposed, including the potential that Diane is a made-up memory produced by Rick to deceive his enemies.

Alternatively, some fans believe Diane’s death or departure is inextricably related to the events that led to Rick’s transformation into the mad, nihilistic scientist he is today.

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Season five starts tonight in the UK (Picture: Channel 4)

She is very rarely on screen and has only been mentioned a few times, so, did Diane ever exist-in-canon, or was she only in Rick’s imagination? Season five provides us with some form of an answer.

During a confrontation between Rick and his enemy Mr Nimbus, Nimbus confessed that he and the mad scientist have a long history together.

Rick, according to Nimbus, needs his opponent to be around as a reminder of how far he’s fallen.

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Dr Nimbus and Rick are enemies (Picture: Adult Swim)

During the showdown Nimbus asked Rick: ‘If Diane were alive today, what would she think?’

‘Don’t try and establish canonical backstory with me,’ Rick replied.

It’s unlikely that we’ll hear anything more about Diane anytime soon, given Dan Harmon and his creative team’s penchant for confounding viewer expectations at the best of times, but Nimbus’ comments certainly hit home.

Soon that wall will break, and the show will be able to investigate what truly transpired between Rick and the lady he may or may not have loved.

The show airs on Monday, June 21 on E4 in the UK at 10pm.

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