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Robert Carlyle has zero sympathy for Boris Johnson as he reprises role as Conservative Prime Minister

COBRA star Robert Carlyle has given an honest assessment of his feelings towards Boris Johnson as he reprises his role as fictional Prime Minister, Robert Sutherland.

The political thriller depicts the UK caught up in the midst of a global crisis, which by now feels all too familiar.

Season one of the programme saw a solar storm take hold across the world but the second series will bring with it brand new challenges.

Talking ahead of the new season, Scottish star Carlyle admitted he doesn’t have sympathy for Conservative Prime Minister, Johnson.

With the show’s upcoming batch of episodes having been filmed in early 2021, the cast were faced with the challenges from filming during the peak of the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Speaking to NME, he said: ‘Sympathy isn’t really a word I’d use for Boris Johnson. I don’t feel sympathy for politicians, but I do have respect for anyone doing a tough job.’

My Celebrity Life –
Robert plays a Tory Prime Minister Robert Sutherland in the drama (Picture: Sky/NOW)

The actor also addressed the bizarreness of taking on the role of the Tory PM, considering his background and joked he was confused about the title of the show at first.

He added to the publication: ‘When COBRA was offered to me, I thought it was something about snakes.

My Celebrity Life –
The cast of COBRA (Picture: Sky/NOW)

‘I read the script and I literally couldn’t believe it. Not only a Prime Minister, but a Conservative one at that?!

‘The great thing about this job is that you can find yourself in the most bizarre and extreme places, but the thought of me playing a Tory PM? Coming from what I come from?’

COBRA’s second season will focus on the shockwaves an assassination leads to, strongly linking onto the themes of cyber-attacks and fake news.

The drama will only continue to explode in season two, as Victoria Hamilton, David Haig and Marsha Thomason are all returning to the cast.

Elsewhere, Richard Pepple will join for series two, portraying Home Secretary, Joseph Obasi.

The official synopsis for COBRA’s second run reads: ‘COBRA: CYBERWAR looks at what happens when cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and fake news are used to subvert democracy.

‘In the aftermath of both solar and political storms, an assassination on British soil, unleashes a chain of events that threatens to develop into a crisis even more serious than the one from which the country has recently emerged.

‘An invisible global enemy, not playing by the rules and operating outside national boundaries, appears to be bent on our destruction, leaving an entire country unsure as to who is a friend and who is a foe.’

COBRA: CYBERWAR is available from October 15 on Sky Max and NOW.


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