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Rock ‘n’ roll singer suffers stroke after having ‘a doozy’ of an orgasm

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An orgasm resulted in a rock ‘n’ roll singer having a stroke (Picture: TLC)

In a new episode of Sex Sent Me to the ER an orgasm resulted in a rock ‘n’ roll singer having a stroke – and no, we’re not joking.

Cash met his partner Anna while he was performing with his band, and the pair hit it off straight away.

As the couple’s relationship blossomed, Cash recounts one night of particularly wall-shaking lovemaking where the passion got a little too much, culminating in him collapsing and losing the feeling in his entire left side.

‘As soon as he climaxed, he collapsed on the bed, and when I say collapsed, I don’t mean like out of exhaustion, I mean he collapsed on the bed and couldn’t pull himself up,’ Anne explained.

Initially, the pair wtoo fazed.

‘I collapsed on top of her and lost all control and feeling in my left leg,’ Cash said.

‘Being the fool that I am and being inebriated, I kept laughing about it like it was no big deal; it was a huge orgasm and that was going to be it!’

It was only after a minute or two that the pair realised that something more serious was potentially unfolding.

Even after managing to sit up right, Cash was unable to perform the simplest tasks with his left arm, including lifting a beer bottle to his mouth.

‘When he tried to bring it up to his mouth, there were just no motor skills,’ Anne said.

Putting it down to a pinched nerve, Cash regained some feeling in his arm and leg a short while later. But after attempting and failing to do a few press ups, Cash realised that things still weren’t quite right.

‘At this point, I kind of started to get a little nervous about it, but there are no sick days in rock ‘n’ roll,’ Cash said.

My Celebrity Life –

He lost the feeling in his entire left side (Picture: TLC)

Despite Anne doing her best to talk Cash into going to the Emergency Room, he stuck to his guns and performed with his band that same night. Unable to play his guitar and even stand properly, Cash played the set sat on a barstool.

But mid performance, his health took a turn for the worse.

‘About the fourth or fifth song in I started feeling really unbalanced, a little dizzy and overheated, like the night before, so I decided that was it and the band could finish the rest of the set without me,’ the musician explained.

This time, Cash relented to Anne’s pleas, and the pair made their way to the hospital. Cash joked to the receptionist that a ‘doozy’ of an orgasm had left him in this state.

After running some tests, doctors revealed that the cause of Cash’s collapse was a lot more serious than just a trapped nerve. Cash had actually suffered a stroke.

Emergency Physician Dr Edward Panaceck said: ‘Normally strokes are an old person’s disease, so every time it happens to someone young – under the age of 50 – we get very concerned that there is either something else going on or they’re not taking care of themselves.

‘Strokes are a very serious business, don’t just sit there and think you’re going to shake it off.’

My Celebrity Life –

Doctors discovered that Cash had a hole in his heart (Picture: TLC)

But soon after running further tests, the plot thickened.

‘That’s when they discovered I had a hole in my heart,’ Cash revealed.

As Dr Edward Panaceck explains, the pieces of Cash’s story all started to fit together.

‘About 10 per cent of the population has holes in the heart and doesn’t realise it, it never causes any problem at all, unless something unusual happens that causes the pressure on the right side of the heart to go up,’ he said. ‘Aggressive or very stimulating sex could do that.’

With his years of drinking and smoking catching up with him, Cash took the advice of his doctors and revamped his entire diet and lifestyle, ditching the booze and cigarettes for good.

‘I went from a cup of coffee and a cigarette for breakfast to a banana and pharmaceuticals,’ he said with a laugh.

But, as Anne puts it, there are a few old habits that Cash wasn’t willing to break.

‘Actually, this hasn’t really changed our sex life much at all, to be honest.

‘I think maybe that first time we had sex after it happened was maybe like the quietest time that we ever had, and then when we realised he was going to be fine, it was like riding a bicycle!’

Sex Sent Me To The ER airs at 11pm on Thursdays exclusively on TLC.

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