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RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13: Queens ranked from meh to yaaas after Bossy Rossy Ruboot

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 was a rollercoaster week in more ways than one, with controversial decisions and heart-to-hearts that actually gave the show some new life.

After the somewhat flat Disco-mentary challenge, we needed more fun from season 13, especially as Drag Race UK is continuing to kill it on the entertainment scale, and it’s hard not to compare seeing as they’re airing consecutively.

Thank God they actually delivered, and gave us a Bossy Rossy sketch show improv challenge that compared to previous seasons, was strong and actually funny.

So who came out on top, and who fell flat?

Here’s how we thought the queens did, from top to bottom.

**Note: Rankings do not take into account events of Untucked as it’s currently unavailable in the UK.**


Symone was our winner this week (Picture: VH1)

We’re beginning to think there’s nothing that Symone can’t absolutely smash. She’s an absolutely legendary castmember.

In the challenge, her Deborah was hilarious, with the pair opting for a far less loud and rowdy performance that actually worked to their benefit (well in our opinion).

Her heart-to-heart with LaLa over her desire to be perfect didn’t seem forced and went a way to explaining why she has such high standard for her drag, too.

By the time the runway came, we knew better by now than to ever think she would be anything other than killer. And that warrior look complete with her name in beads in her hair, we were in love.


Gottmik continues to be a force (Picture: VH1)

Gottmik’s Nancy Grace-looking psychologist was well-prepared and well executed – her miming skit with Olivia was flat out hilarious.

It takes nerve to turn up on the runway as a literal set of anal beads and look fabulous while you do it. The headdress reminded us a lot of a look Latrice Royale wore in her latex All Stars challenge, but the outfit was different enough that it didn’t matter.

This queen knows her looks and we were obsessed.

Kandy Muse

Kandy’s taking comments on board and it’s paying off (Picture: VH1)

Kandy was wise to turn down the loud like the judges suggested, and it worked perfectly in this challenge where she played a Paris Hilton-esque socialite, complete with sex tape and former reality show.

Her dripping in gems eleganza on the runway looked like it was primed for a Rihanna album cover and we thought she looked gorgeous, showing off body-ody-ody in a high-fashion, but still very Kandy, way.

This was a strong week for her, she’s clearly taking critique on board and it’s paying off.

Olivia Lux

Olivia’s impressed the judges but wasn’t as strong to us this week (Picture: VH1)

Olivia absolutely kiiiiiillled this challenge – which says a lot considering she was playing a mime and couldn’t talk for most of it.

However, her runway look was simple, seemed a bit too reminiscent of Kandy’s look back in the bag ball, and compared to the others just didn’t seem to fit the assignment.

She also had next to no attention in the main work room, not even when the girls were breaking down each others’ challenges.

We know she’s quiet but with the exception of the mime, she disappeared for us this week.


Denali disappeared this week despite strong efforts in the challenge and runway (Picture: VH1)

Denali took the sketch’s ridiculousness and turned it up to 11, and we weren’t mad in the slightest about it.

Handstand twerking on an invisible man? It do take skills.

On the runway, her chandelier look was ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, but make it fashion’ and we loved it.

A strong performing week for Denali, let down by lack of workroom airtime.


Rose has also seemingly become a victim to a bad edit (Picture: VH1)

Rosé really is a hilarious queen and she really rose to the challenge in Bossy Rossy, setting up the team strong in the ridiculous premise.

Backstage, she seemed constructively supportive of the others and got her point across without being mean about it, and we appreciated that more than an abrasive tone that others seem to take.

On the runway, she was a neon powered Tinkerbell and it was adorable, even if it wasn’t majorly stand-outish.

We really don’t know why someone who is performing this strong isn’t getting more attention from the judges. Denali too.

Elliott (with two Ts)

Elliott had a breakthrough week this week (Picture: VH1)

Elliott started off so quiet so when she arrived in the challenge but we think that she more than made up for it once her boob sight gag became a thing.

I mean, she made out with Tina and had her sit on her face…. that’s next level dedication.

But her frank chat on her mental health and struggle with depression really got us. She spoke very openly about something that often people hide and it was commendable on a lot of levels, and hopefully opened a door to her being more confident, and will inspire viewers struggling to talk about it.

Because let’s face it, right now everyone is beginning to feel that strain of lockdown.

Her runway was a little simple but beautiful, and that’s what put her in the bottom, but she slayed that lipsync and definitely proved to be a moment to make her mark.

This week should be seen as a win for her – she had a breakthrough and hopefully that will help her charge through the competition going forward.

Tina Burner

Tina showed her softer side this week and it worked for her (Picture: VH1)

Tina turned it out this week and provided a lot of the steam for the Bossy Rossy challenge, but it did kind of feel like she was playing herself up, rather than working as part of a team.

We can’t figure out if that’s her fault or Elliott’s, so they’re both losing points for it. But it wasn’t a bad skit at all, and definitely not as bad as the others made it out to be.

However, after weeks of being part of the Mean Girls clique (which needs to stop, we don’t like it), it was really nice to have Tina in a genuine bonding moment over mental health with Elliott, who has been struggling to find her place in the group.

We feel that Tina has a wall up at the moment, whether it’s behind the facade of her constant colour scheme or the bonds with the other Mean Girls, and this was the first time it seemed like it was breaking down. We liked her more for it.

We didn’t however, like her runway, as it seemed pretty clowny and not enough of the assignment to be right. (We did however, laugh at her boob reveal, you can’t go wrong with a boob reveal.)

Utica Queen

Utica didn’t shine for us this week (Picture: VH1)

Utica was again, not the strongest of the group, with her loud-talking mother not going down as well as the rest of the skit.

We don’t think the rest of the queens watching were particularly fair though, because while she wasn’t hilarious she stayed in character and had a plan. Kandy had a point though – it wasn’t particularly her we were looking at.

She’s our weird and wacky favourite that we can’t help but love, but this was a strong week for everyone, and paired with her bloody bride runway, we thought that she may/should have been bottom two.

LaLa Ri

LaLa Ri had to say goodbye but we still love her (Picture: VH1)

We love LaLa but when she appeared on Bossy Rossy, the air was taken out of the skit a little.

She managed to claw it back, but when she lifted up her shirt to reveal her baby bump padding, we knew that she was in trouble.

The queens are strong this year and we’re splitting hairs, and that would’ve done it.

Saying that, she was so much fun recreating Maury in the workroom, and on the runway she looked like Tina Turner’s cousin in that beaded number.

It was a shame to see her go, but after standing out for the wrong reasons for so long, it was kind of time.

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Fridays on VH1 in the US and Saturdays on Netflix in the UK.


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