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RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13: Queens ranked from meh to yaaas after Nice Girls Roast

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The roast led to one queen getting toasted (Picture:VH1)

RuPaul’s Drag Race is finally moving forward and the number of queens is shrinking.

After a super fun and ridiculous make-up mini challenge, our hearts were full to see the return of three absolute faves – former Miss Congenialities, Heidi N Closet, Nina West and Valentina – for a Nice Girls Roast.

The roast challenge is always, without fail, an awkward one. Many queens cross the line between being fun and shady to just plain rude, while some jokes never land.

This year was 100% no exception and at points we were watching through our fingers – but we’ll get to that.

Here’s how we thought the queens did – from top to bottom.

**Note: Rankings do not take into account events of Untucked as it’s currently unavailable in the UK.**

Kandy Muse

My Celebrity Life –

Kandy came into her own this week and smashed it (Picture: VH1)

It’s hard to figure out what we loved best from Kandy this week – her absolutely killer jokes that set the bar high for the others, or that stunning black dress.

This girl was on fire, and after failing to nab a win before, she needed this boost.

Kandy has calmed a lot this season and (if we decide to ignore that weird alien bodysuit/blow up doll combo last week) has been steadily rising in the ranks.

All the queens celebrating her win was a really sweet moment and she earned it.


My Celebrity Life –

Rose was back on top this week (Picture: VH1)

Rosé sold us when she came out on stage like an 80s Cyndi Lauper getting married.

She managed to bring the show to a satisfying close after some awkward faltering from the rest of the queens, and was a high save.

Finally this queen is getting her chance to rise in the rankings after previously falling a little short in the eyes of the judges.

Let’s hope she keeps this trajectory going all the way to the final.


My Celebrity Life –

Gottmik brought the show back to life (Picture: VH1)

Gottmik had a hell of a job of bringing the show back to centre stage after the pure shenanigans of Utica’s set.

Thankfully she delivered and then some – her jokes were right on the edge and hilarious, and she structured it well.

Olivia Lux

My Celebrity Life –

Olivia couldn’t land the jokes (Picture: VH1)

Olivia was one of the queens we were worried about and it was clear that she was nervous because she kept her cue cards about two inches away from her face at all times.

Saying that, she did land some jokes, and wasn’t deterred when the others started heckling back, thriving off it instead.

She deserved to be safe but she needs to pick it up now or she’ll be in the bottom two next week.


My Celebrity Life –

Symone faltered this week (Picture: VH1)

Until this week, this was Symone’s Drag Race and everyone else was just living in it – but every high comes before a fall, and our girl fell this week.

It’s hard to understand why because she is normally so quick-witted in the confessionals and work room, but these jokes were flat as a pancake.

‘Symone is gorgeous, I just wish her jokes were as good as she looks,’ Heidi declared.

At least it meant we got to see her lip-sync, which as expected, was absolutely fabulous.

Utica Queen

My Celebrity Life –

It was time for Utica to clock out (Picture: VH1)

Utica’s harsh side came out this week and we knew she was in trouble when she decided to clap back at Loni and Michelle during practice.

Top tip: If someone’s there to help, don’t compare them to a whale.

Fat jokes are the lowest hanging fruit of all comedy and if you can’t make it cheeky with a wink then you’ve already lost.

Unfortunately for Utica, she just didn’t listen and as a result her set was one of the biggest bombs we’ve seen on the stage ever – who gets heckled by a judge?!

Utica has a unique style of everything and unfortunately it didn’t serve her well this week at all – and it’s been causing her trouble for weeks.

Sadly it was time to cut her loose.

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Saturdays on Netflix

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