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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2: Queens ranked after Beastenders semi-finals

***Warning: Drag Race UK spoilers ahead***

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2 really did celebrate the best of British this week with an EastEnders acting challenge and a panto runway.

We apologise to all US viewers who don’t know what on Earth they’re watching – but this really was the pinnacle of British culture, welcome!

All four girls really came to play this week, with the drama in the Kween Dick almost matching the tensions running around in the work room.

As a result, it really was almost too close to call – and we can’t blame Ru for sending all of them through to the final.

Here’s how we thought the queens did – from top to bottom…

Lawrence Chaney

My Celebrity Life –
Lawrence struggled this week (Picture: BBC)

Lawrence Chaney struggled again this week when it came to knowing her lines, and we think she’s running out of steam a little.

Once the firm favourite that could do no wrong in Ru’s eyes, she still has three wins under her belt so is still in a strong position to snatch the crown, but landing in the bottom two shook her, and she’s struggling to get back up.

We like that she cleared the air with Ellie this week after a particularly savage argument during the comedy challenge last week, and she managed to pull off Phyllis Bitchell in the end.

Her runway was also hilarious and also the most tongue-in-cheek panto style, if we’re honest. We reckon she maybe should have won – but at least she’s through to the final and at this point it’s all that matters.

Bimini Bon Boulash

My Celebrity Life –
Bimini is the one to beat now – good luck, queens! (Picture: BBC)

Bimini has landed their fourth RuPeter badge and now all eyes are on them to bring it home for the London queens.

The Kat Slater rip-off was absolute genius, with her attention to detail proving once again to be the thing to set her above and over the others – she was the best in the challenge, no doubt about it.

But her babydoll look on the runway didn’t really scream panto dame, and instead read more as one of the Ugly Stepsisters (US readers – that’s not a read, there are Ugly Stepsisters in nearly every panto), so that is why she’s been knocked down a bit.

This week’s rankings are insanely hard, guys.

Ellie Diamond

My Celebrity Life –
Ellie landed in the safe zone again but can she pull it out in the final? (Picture: BBC)

Ellie landed in the bottom two almost by default – this was a ridiculously hard week to judge and while she landed every challenge thrown at her this week she just couldn’t compete with Bimini and Lawrence in the eyes of the judges.

At least we finally got to see her in action with a lipsync – and after staying safe this entire season it was good to see her forced out of her box.

Ellie’s been getting stronger week on week in terms of confidence, and while she’s the only remaining competitor without a badge, she has earned her place there keeping strong and steady.

Can she finally peak when she needs to and be crowned the winner?


My Celebrity Life –
Tayce is clinging on after four lip syncs but will she be able to win? (Picture: BBC)

Has Tayce broken records for most survived lipsyncs in a row? The fact she is clinging on to her place in the competition is no mean feat.

She continues to be our favourite in the confessionals, if we’re honest, bringing some light-hearted charm even when she’s at her shadiest.

We also adored her and that breast plate in the challenge, with Karen Bitchell probably earning a place on the actual Albert Square, if we had anything to do with it.

She took a risk with her fairy godmother look on the runway, seeing as the challenge was panto dame – and unfortunately out of everything it was probably that (and the assurance that she was ‘scared to not be pretty’) which sent her back down to the bottom.

We think she is on some really uneven footing now – with the only win under her belt coming from a group challenge.

We’d put her on par with Ellie in terms of how she’s doing in the competition, but she better have some fighting power if she’s going to pull it out of the bag and get to that crown.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK airs Thursdays at 7pm on BBC Three on iPlayer (UK) and WOW Presents Plus (Rest of UK).

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