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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – Season 2: Queens ranked after stand-up comedy challenge

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2 has reached a fever pitch and the claws have fully come out as the scramble to the top three gets more intense.

With absolute icon Dawn French on the judges’ panel, the remaining five queens may have had the most awkward stand-up comedy challenge ever – with coronavirus forcing them to perform to inanimate objects.

It made it impossible to figure out their jokes landed or not, with only the four judges and their competitors to go off… and trying to make an empty room laugh? Pretty admirable.

Throw in possibly the shadiest move ever from Ellie Diamond with the line-up order, and the stage was set for one hell of a showdown.

But who did we find hilarious, and who bombed when it came to their routines and runway? We’ve got to admit, this week’s ranking was pretty difficult.

Here’s how we thought the queens did this week – from top to bottom.

My Celebrity Life –
Bimini is now tied with Lawrence for biggest win (Picture: BBC)

Bimini Bon Boulash

After landing on the bottom of our rankings last episode, Bimini is back on top this week and it’s not a moment too soon – we’re officially obsessed with her, and her ability to make everything look easy when it’s really not.

Her casual confidence is addictive and her stand-up routine was hilarious, and her zit-faced rhinestone look would give Dr Pimple Popper a heart attack it was so gorgeous.

She fully earned her third RuPeter badge and is really rising above the others. Not a question, just a fact.

Lawrence better be careful.

My Celebrity Life –
Justice for A’Whora (Picture: BBC)


We’re gonna say it, we demand justice for AWhora – and the bleeped out joke that – no matter how hard we tried – we couldn’t figure out.

Since when is a drag queen being vulgar a big no-no? We just don’t understand, and despite being given the hardest spot on the line-up, she did it well.

But when she stumbled in the middle of her act, we knew she was in trouble, and unfortunately, it seems her cards were dealt when it came to deliberations.

Her IV drip-inspired runway look was pretty wonderful and looked fabulous compared to others on the runway. She deserved better.

Unfortunately, as there was an opportunity to put two besties/ bed buddies/housemates up against each other in a lip-sync, the producers weren’t going to turn that down.

We really liked A’Whora, and she gave it everything in this competition. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an All Stars comeback.

My Celebrity Life –
Lawrence needs to show a bit more versatility to stay in the competition (Picture: BBC)

Lawrence Chaney

Lawrence Chaney really got fired up this week after feeling like her biggest ally, Ellie, set her up for a fall.

We’re glad that his caused her to bond with A’Whora though, as that was a combination we hadn’t seen much of.

She needn’t have worried though, as her ability to connect with the judges continues to be her biggest advantage, and her self-deprecating viewers definitely brought in some worthy laughs.

It’s just a shame we hated the runway though – to us she looked a bit like Tony Harrison from The Mighty Boosh was giving drag a try.

We appreciate her trying to shake things up though, and the judges liked it. So that’s what matters.

My Celebrity Life –
Ellie’s shady line-up this episode saved her (Picture: BBC)

Ellie Diamond

Ellie Diamond woke up and chose pure chaos this week, and did not win fans in the workroom as a result – but like Tayce said, this is not RuPaul’s Best Friend Race.

Honestly, it actually worked for her too. More than throwing the other queens under the bus, it made Ru notice her, and she seemed to enjoy the shade – which is important after this many weeks just being safe.

We were kind of living for the resulting anger in everyone as she decided to stir things up a bit – it was the biggest row of Drag Race UK history so far.

We weren’t in love with her stand-up though, with the two personality routine falling flat for us and feeling more awkward than it was funny.

Her runway was cute but it wasn’t incredible, and so as a result for us she fell to the middle. Again. Which at this point might not be enough.

But just a reminder for trolls out there, this is a show and a competition. We can see the hate coming her way already for the stunt she pulled, and haters need to have a day off.

My Celebrity Life –
Tayce is losing steam and needs to pick it up if she’s going to win (Picture: BBC)


We can’t deny that Tayce was probably the weakest in the challenge, with talking about romance something she just didn’t seem willing to do.

Tayce is literally charmed personified though, and even as the worst of the bunch, she really wasn’t that bad. She just didn’t match up to the others.

What we bumped her up for though was her chat about sexual health, and how easy it is to get an STI, her never-ending bubbly confessionals that are the most entertaining to watch, and her ability to stomp the runway like no other.

Unfortunately, a lip-sync against A’Whora when they were both in the bottom appeared to be a foregone conclusion, and as it was her third time in her place, we thought her time might have been up.

Girl’s gonna have to claw to keep her place in the top three next week, because she’s losing steam.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK airs Thursdays at 7pm on BBC iPlayer (UK)

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