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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Victoria Scone hits back at criticism after making her-story as first cis woman on show: ‘I am not at an advantage’

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Victoria Scone’s drag is valid, people. End of. (Picture: BBC)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s Victoria Scone has spoken out to implore she’s ‘not at an advantage’ after being announced as the first-ever cis woman to appear on the franchise.

Victoria is one of the 12 queens set to take part in the incoming third series of the show, which will also see the likes of Veronica Green return to face judges RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Alan Carr and Graham Norton.

Sadly though, the star was forced to speak out to justify her spot on the line-up and explain that her drag is still valid.

‘Some need to understand that as a cis woman doing drag presenting as a woman it is still a f*ck you to society,’ she penned in a statement shared on social media.

‘I embody every gender stereotype that’s ever been instilled on me (as a woman) by society. I heighten it, I laugh at it, and then take a big queer sh*t on it.

‘I am not at an advantage to perform with my body. If I wore a little skimpy dress and called it a day (as many of my AMAB Drag Queen pals do) I’d look like a wrapped lamb joint in the meat isle at Morrison’s.


‘I corset, I pad, I use face tape, I paint like a birthday clown, I am even in the possession of a breast plate but guess what, I’m too god damn fat for it to fit over my delicate advantaged lady shoulders. Don’t even get me started on performing/touring on your period.’

Victoria continued: ‘The very reason I wear such exaggerated makeup is because I was terrified of being ridiculed as a woman starting in drag. I wanted to heighten my appearance as much as humanly possible.

‘IF I didn’t do any of those things, my drag would still be valid. But I am simply debunking that logic with my own drag. Because drag is not just about trying to look like a “woman” because women do not look like one thing. We come in many many beautiful forms.’

Concluding her post, Victoria wrote: ‘Again, I’m not surprised that some have this opinion. It’s clear the only form of drag some have been exposed to is drag race. Why would you think any other way.’ (sic)

Many fans all over the globe have expressed excitement at Victoria’s place in the competition.

Drag Race Down Under’s Etcetera Etcetera wrote: ‘i am so so happy for more representation of women doing drag — because every woman i know has been told they can’t do drag by a smelly man in some club smoking area at least one million times—- and has then continued to go back on stage and do drag without your permission’ (sic)

Bimini added: ‘And she is an icon. Finally!!!!’

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is set to return to BBC Three this autumn.

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