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Rupert Grint says having a baby gave ‘strange new perspective’ on horror series Servant

Rupert Grint has spoken about becoming a dad for the first time, saying that having a baby gave him a ‘strange new perspective’ on horror series Servant.

The Harry Potter star and his actress girlfriend Georgia Groome welcomed their daughter in May last year, and Rupert admitted that Servant was an odd show to be working on under the circumstances.

The actor stars in the upcoming second season of Apple TV+ series Servant, which focuses on couple Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean (Toby Kebbell) whose home is invaded by dark forces after the death of their child.

Rupert plays the child’s uncle, Julian, and told that the show gave him a whole new perspective.

‘It’s probably the worst show to be a part of if you’ve just become a dad,’ Rupert said. ‘It’s a very strange new perspective I’ve got on it, and kind of a useful one as well, I think.’

‘To understand the lengths that you’d go to get your child back… that love is such a powerful thing. It kind of puts that into perspective and helps you understand that dynamic.’

Rupert also spoke about filming the series, describing it as a ‘strange’ experience. Servant is set in one self-contained house in Philadelphia, with all manner of horrors playing out in one claustrophobic space.

The actor admitted he found it difficult to switch off at times, as the show inhabits such a peculiar atmosphere.

He said: ‘Just being in the house, I find has a very strange energy. Getting out of the nursery, you do feel this sense of relief. It’s such a fully realised set.’

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Rupert Grint plays Julian in the Apple series Servant (Picture: Apple TV Plus)

‘It really is just a house. It’s not like most sets where there’s a whole wall missing. It definitely had a weird effect on me, personally. I don’t like being in there.’

His co-star Nell Tiger Free also said that she found it difficult to come out of character as the family’s young nanny Leanne Grayson.

‘It is hard to switch between the seriousness of the scenes, and then going back into being a normal human being.’

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Nell Tiger Free stars alongside Rupert in the Apple series (Picture: Apple TV Plus)

She added: ‘But we’re all so used to the story now, that we’re able to have a good time even on the most serious days. Sometimes filming the most intense scenes are the days you can’t stop laughing. Especially for Rupert and I.

‘In every scene that we’ll have together, we’ll spend around 20 minutes breaking character and laughing. Which we get in trouble for.’

Servant season 2 arrives on Apple TV+ on January 15.


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