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S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole discusses new life as tarot-reading ‘psychic detective’

Former S Club 7 member Paul Cattermole has a new career, and it’s about as far from his former pop star life as you can get.

Since being part of one of the most iconic groups of the 90’s and early 00’s, Paul has branched out from singing in a big way.

In recent years Paul discovered he has a talent for reading tarot cards and has been cultivating his ‘psychic’ abilities – and has now earned the title of psychic detective.

The Don’t Stop Movin’ hit-maker appeared on The Andy Jaye Podcast where he opened up on his new life and career, and says it has helped him get to ‘a really good place’.

But what exactly is a ‘psychic detective’? Thankfully, for those of us out of the other-worldly loop, Paul explained.

‘I got called that because I did a course in Tarot reading just recently, and the head tutor gave me that name and it stuck,’ he told the podcast.

Paul says he has the ability to ‘hold objects and know what has happened to them’ (Picture: ITV)

He explained that the ‘main work of psychic detective is psychometry, being able to hold objects and know what has happened to them, what’s been done with them’.

He claimed he can hold a photograph and ‘get a sense of what happened pre – and post – that photo being taken’.

As well as being a psychic detective, Paul says he has also been able to contact the dead, though it isn’t his main ‘zone’.

The star clarified that his psychic ability was not something he learned on a course, rather ‘it was always there’ but he ‘wasn’t aware of it’.

He said that the intuition ‘came on really strong’ in his 20s and 30s, and while he never heard voices, he experiences what he describes as ‘intuitive downloads from the universe’.

‘Things, ideas, memories – maybe other people’s memories – come rushing into me,’ he revealed, and admitted that, at first, he thought: ‘Oh my God, is everything OK with me?”

‘I would be seeing symbols and signs absolutely everywhere,’ he said, revealing that everything from road signs to billboards and adverts would be ‘speaking to… my conscious awareness.’

While Paul questioned himself at first, which he admits is a ‘normal reaction’ to what he was experiencing, he argued that ‘everyone has psychic abilities to one degree or another… whether it’s as simple as thinking about someone and they text you’.

He urged people to tap into their ‘sixth sense’ and read ‘the energy of the room’, and says since he learned to control his abilities he can now ‘walk into a supermarket and get a good sense of the general energy of every single person in there.’

In November last year, Paul launched a YouTube channel where he offered ‘Tarot readings for everyone’.

Writing on his page – Tarot Me This – Paul referenced his former life as a pop star but said he now spends ‘most of my time making online content of all different types, Clairvoyance Sorcery Soothsaying and Necromancy are now my main gigs.’

Viewers can donate money to support Paul on his new venture, and he asked them to get in touch for personal readings.

However, he states that all content on his channel is for ‘entertainment purposes only.’


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