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Sacked CBeebies star Sarah-Jane Honeywell ‘felt lost’ after axe ‘over nude photoshoot’

Presenter said she felt as though she’d ‘lost her identity’ (Picture: BBC)

CBeebies star Sarah-Jane Honeywell has opened up about her departure from the BBC show after taking part in a nude photoshoot, saying she ‘felt lost’.

For around a decade, the now-47-year-old presented on the Kids’ TV channel.

She found herself embroiled in controversy in 2011, when she took part in a photoshoot where Diet Coke was poured over her while she was wearing an almost-see-through top, shortly before posing topless in an advert for animal rights organisation Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

According to Sarah-Jane, who now presents on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, when the broadcaster was contacted for comment on the headline-grabbing moment, they stated that she no longer worked for them.

Speaking on the radio show, she said that she ‘stupidly’ didn’t think the initial Diet Coke photoshoot ‘was a big deal’, adding: ‘That day, they were in The Sun newspaper.’

‘Phoned some of my colleagues, none of them answered, and then basically didn’t hear from the BBC,’ she said.

Sarah-Jane claims she wasn’t contacted by the BBC after the photoshoots (Picture: BBC)

Sarah-Jane explained that in the meantime, she was asked by Peta to take part in a photoshoot for them, because she is vegan, which would see her wear a nude bra and pants.

‘I’m not really that political. I was just like, oh yeah I’ll do it to help. Didn’t get paid for it,’ she said.

‘At the last minute she went to me, if you take your bra off, we’ll get more people. And I just thought, do you know what, I will. And cause I’d not really had any feedback from the other picture at all, I was like, well maybe it’s okay. And then it wasn’t okay.’

Stressing that she was covering her breasts with her hands in the picture, Sarah-Jane said: ‘The papers went to the BBC for comment, and they just said “you don’t work for us anymore”.

‘Nobody phoned me, and actually, they didn’t even take me off air, because you don’t get repeat fees when you’re a presenter.’

The presenter outlined how, despite leaving CBeebies, her episodes were still shown on TV afterwards.

However, she said that when her ex spoke to the papers about her past experience with drugs, she was taken off-air and ‘removed from the history of CBeebies’.

‘They just stopped all repeats, any mention, anything. And do you know what, I kind of understand why, but I just wish they’d talked to me, because I’d already been clean and sober when I even went on the channel,’ she said.

She said that she ‘felt really lost’ when her time on the programme came to an end, stating: ‘I felt like I’d lost my identity really, so my whole kind of sense of purpose, identity, everything about me felt like it was slipping away.’

Explaining that she had broken up with her partner recently as well, she added: ‘I kind of lost my home, my job and my identity in a matter of six months. It was really bizarre, but now I think it was a good thing. In fact I know it was a good thing.’

In 2016, she married her partner, Hollyoaks star Ayden Callaghan, with whom she shares two children.


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