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Sex Education’s George Robinson on Isaac and Maeve’s ‘beautiful’ sex scene: ‘We wanted to get it right’

George Robinson opened up on the powerful scene (Picture: Netflix)

Sex Education star George Robinson has opened up on his feelings about the landmark sex scene between Isaac and Maeve (Emma Mackey), explaining that he just wanted to ‘get it right’.

The actor stars as one Maeve’s love interests, with the pair having an intimate moment in one scene in series three. The scene was widely praised, with comic Rosie Jones, who helped bring Isaac to life, pointing out that disabled people are too often ‘the victim’ in mainstream TV and film.

Speaking to as a Bafta Breakthrough recipient, George explained: ‘We spoke a lot about that scene, the build up to filming it.

‘We just wanted to make sure we got it right, making sure it was right for the characters and making sure it made sense in the story, and that we’d done enough groundwork beforehand.

‘And then there’s also the stuff when you’re actually filming it, of having the intimacy coordinator on set and making sure myself and Emma and everyone felt comfortable.

‘And when we got to film, we had an amazing team that really brought a beautiful scene to life with the handheld [shots]. It was very cool to be a part of that.’

Speaking about representation more generally, George added: ‘I think it’s an ongoing process of making sure that we tell stories that explore life how it actually is because disabled people do exist.

‘Disabled people are completely valid and have their own stories. And those lives that people with disabilities lead are completely normal.’

The 24-year-old continued: ‘And I think the way in which we achieve that is not only by having people with disabilities acting, but behind the scenes – costumes, producers, writers, it’s something that we move forward on in every single part of the creative process.’

At the end of series two, Isaac was majorly unpopular with fans after he deleted a voicemail left by Otis (Asa Butterfield) for Maeve.

However, after fans got to see more of their relationship, many were back on his side.

‘I feel like what season three did was sort of contextualise the reasons why and fleshed out Isaac as a character,’ George pointed out.

‘The genius of what happened in season three was how it created such valid couples in Maeve and Isaac and Otis and Ruby so there was this genuine validation to the query of “Will they, won’t they,” it felt like a genuine connection within those two couples.’

While George is staying tight-lipped on series four, he’s got one specific hope for Isaac, willing him to stay as cheeky as ever.

‘I enjoy playing the cheeky side of him because he doesn’t let himself get messed around at all,’ he explained. ‘That’s so much fun to play, shutting people down!’

As for what we can expect from series four?

‘More sex…more education!’ George laughed.

The actor has been honoured as one of Bafta’s breakthrough recipients, alongside the likes of It’s A Sin star Lydia West, TV presenter Elle Osili-Wood, and Coronation Street director and writer David Proud.

‘It’s just a lovely sense of validation, it’s nice that Bafta know who I am!’ he said.

‘It means so much.’

Bafta breakthrough recipients 2021


●      Aaron Reid, Cinematographer – Stephen

●      Aisha Bywaters, Casting Director – We Are Lady Parts

●      Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou, Creative Director/Lead Developer – Röki

●      Ana Naomi De Sousa, Director – Naseem, Fight with Grace

●      Ashley Francis-Roy, Director – Damilola: The Boy Next Door

●      Chad Orororo, Sound Editor/Mixer – Pele

●      David Proud, Director/Writer – Coronation Street

●      Elle Osili-Wood, Presenter – Special Characters

●      Ellora Torchia, Performer – In the Earth

●      Gemma Hurley, Writer – Host

●      George Robinson, Performer – Sex Education

●      Georgi Banks-Davies, Director – I Hate Suzie

●      Heather Basten, Casting Director – The Origin

●      Helen Jones, Producer – Censor

●      Joanna Haslam, Design Director – Family Feud

●      Jo Jackson, Sound Editor/Mixer – Radioactive

●      Kirsty Elizabeth Gillmore, Production Voice Director – Destruction AllStars

●      Laure De Mey, Programmer – Assemble With Care DLC

●      Lydia West, Performer – It’s A Sin

●      Lyttanya Shannon, Director/Producer- Subnormal: A British Scandal

●      Mdhamiri A Nkemi, Editor – Life in a Day

●      PC Williams, Costume Designer – We Are Lady Parts

●      Prano Bailey-Bond, Director/Writer – Censor

●      Rajita Shah, Producer – Love Sarah


●      Anna Franqueso-Solano, Cinematographer – The Farewell

●      Bao Nguyen, Director, Documentary – Be Water

●      Cheyenne Ford, Production Designer – Shiva Baby

●      Dominique Nieves – Writer/Director – Our Lady Lupe

●      Ember Lab: Joshua Grier. Mike Grier, Hunter Schmidt, Games – Kena: Bridge of Spirits

●      Hikari, Writer/Director – 37 Seconds

●      Orlando Perez Rosso, Composer – Allen V, Farrow

●      Sarah Lampert, Writer – Ginny & Georgia

●      Siqi Song, Animator – All In A Day’s Work

●      Stephanie Economou, Composer – Jupiter’s Legacy

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