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Shaun Ryder drops F-bomb live on GB News as he discusses late ADHD diagnosis

Shaun Ryder accidentally let slip the F-bomb during his appearance on GB News last night.

The Happy Mondays frontman joined Neil Oliver on the recently launched channel where he dropped with expletive without hesitation, adding to the series of blunders throughout its opening week that have kept viewers entertained.

The moment occurred as Neil read out questions from viewers, asking: ‘Did your school years ever leave you feeling unaccepted in society?’ Where you an outsider at school?’

‘F*cking absolutely,’ Shaun said in a heartbeat, as he talked about having undiagnosed ADHD during this period of his life. ‘I’ve said I didn’t know my alphabet until I was 28-years-old.’

‘Sorry, I’m swearing,’ he later apologised. ‘Now, when I look back, I had a condition. Every one in our class, in set four, had some condition.

‘Yeah, I was a naughty kid in class. I was a class clown. I left school at 15.’

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Shaun accidentally dropped an F-bomb during his appearance on GB News (Picture: GB News)

Shaun was diagnosed with ADHD later on life, having previously said there was ‘no such thing as learning difficulties’ in the 70s and 80s.

Elsewhere in his interview, Shaun was asked for his thoughts on the devastation caused to the live music industry by lockdowns.

‘I’m gonna sit for a couple of seconds and zip my gob, because it’s all gonna be expletives coming out of it,’ he responded.

After calming himself down, he continued: ‘You know what, it’s insane.’

My Celebrity Life –

GB News launched last Sunday (Picture: GB News)

From glaring typos to noise and sound complaints and being tricked into reading comments from the likes of Mike Hunt and Mike Oxlong, GB News’ launch hasn’t quite gone to plan.

In turn, the broadcaster has been recognised more for its comical errors than any of its content.

Simon McCoy, however, who quit BBC News to join the channel, asked viewers to give GB News a chance because it’s a start-up.

Addressing the backlash on Twitter, he told his followers: ’Hey. Please judge us in six months. The audience is there – and is supportive.

We are improving every day. It’s a start-up. Thank you for your patience. If you don’t want to watch.. don’t. Sticks and stones.’

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