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Silent Witness stars Emilia Fox and David Caves confirm more to come from Nikki and Jack romance: ‘We’ve laid the breadcrumbs’

Jack and Nikki will only grow closer (Picture: BBC)

**Warning: Spoilers for episode one of Silent Witness series 25 ahead**

Silent Witness fans finally saw Dr Nikki Alexander and Dr Jack Hodgson have their moment as they spent a romantic night together and the actors have teased how their relationship could develop in series 25.

The long-running BBC drama returned on Monday night, with the city of Liverpool plunged into crisis at the unveiling of a controversial new health passport scheme that ended with the health secretary being shot and killed.

It also marked the return of Professor Sam Ryan (Amanda Burton), 17 years after leaving the Lyell, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the hit series.

She desperately called upon Nikki for help after her husband Jomo (Hugh Quarshie) was badly wounded in the same shooting.

However, with it not yet clear who is behind the attack and ambiguity around Sam’s true intentions in returning to the Lyell, there’s plenty more from the complicated story to come.

But one thing that is for certain, is the chemistry between Nikki and Jack (David Caves), which has been brewing in the background for quite some time.

The duo have been close friends for some years (Picture: BBC)

Tonight’s instalment finally saw them properly take things to the next level, as they spent the night together in Jack’s hotel room, much to the delight of fans.

Chatting at the series 25 premiere earlier this month, the pair both seemingly confirmed much more to come from as their friendship blossoms into something more.

David coyly told and other press: ‘What can I tell you? Gosh, Jack seemed quite keen. I can’t speak for Nikki but yes, this kiss, we knew what that would mean, so we didn’t take that lightly. It was quite a big, quite a big deal to two characters suddenly kiss like that, but we felt it was right for a moment.

‘It was only fair really to give the audience that because I think they always wonder and they always ask that question, always interested to know what, what’s happening with Jack and Nikki. We felt like that was the appropriate moment to do it, and then it was taken away very quickly, which is quite good, and valuable for us.

He went on to add: ‘We wanted to lay the breadcrumbs a little bit for that and keep that sort of flirtation and slight ambiguity around it we didn’t want it to be too much, too soon and just tease people a little bit with that.’

Sam returned in tonight’s episode (Picture: BBC/David Emery)

His co-star and on-screen love interest Emilia weighed in: ‘Working out what happens when two people who’ve been friends for such a long time, get together, that changes how you are with each other. It’s exciting, but it’s also a bit confusing, too. It feels like new ground to be on.

‘When the audience knows those characters very well and you put them together, then what happens? Do you break them up again to create drama, tension and conflict? We wanted to play something which felt a bit more true feeling your way into this newfound relationship, when they’ve been friends for so long and what that means. We tried to chart a course through the series.’

Viewers will remember they shared a kiss back in the series 24 finale, but at the time, a romantic future seemed uncertain.

But with series 25 having picked up shortly after the previous batch of episodes ended, it seems they’ve finally been open with their feelings for each other in the interim.

David promised fans the show wouldn’t look to ‘break them up’ either, adding: ‘We wanted to try and avoid that as much as possible. It’s very difficult, isn’t it? But as much as possible, we want to try and avoid that and try and make it a very positive, mature relationship.’

Silent Witness continues tomorrow at 9pm on BBC One. 


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