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Sixty Seconds: Gogglebox’s Pete and Sophie Sandiford on great uncle Paul Chuckle – and why this year’s I’m A Celebrity might be ‘crap’

My Celebrity Life –

Caption: Pete and Sophie Gogglebox – Sixty Seconds
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The Sandiford brother and sister on why Pete, 26, blames the curry, Sophie, 24, buys so many mugs and the ‘super-famous’ people following them on Twitter.

Your great uncle, Paul Chuckle, was talking to Metro recently about being related to you both. Do you keep in touch much?

Pete: He keeps in touch quite a lot. Before lockdown happened we’d seen him quite a bit. He’d been in panto and we always go and see whatever he’s doing. With lockdown, it’s all been by text.

Sophie: His son, PJ, our cousin, messaged me the other day to say that his Halloween party has been put on hold. Normally we have a Halloween party at their house but it will be a while before we see anyone. We usually go as a double act. We’ve been as Kevin and Perry and last year was the Spice Girls. Our stepdad was supposed to go as Baby Spice but he wasn’t feeling so good so it was just us and Mum.

P: It was too cold. I was Ginger Spice. It was like minus five outside. I’m not wearing a dress and stilettos in minus five. No chance.

Do you live in the same house in Blackpool or near each other?

S: We live in the same house. Pete bought the house and did it up. I sneakily just pitched up with my stuff one day and said, ‘I’m not going home.’ That’s how I moved in. Then I bought the house off Pete. So now we still live together but instead of me living with Pete, Pete lives with me.

P: Yeah, weird, innit? It’s almost like she had a plan moving in!

My Celebrity Life –

Pete and Sophie are lucky to have a famous relative – Paul Chuckle (Picture: Rex)

Do you have day jobs when you’re not on telly-watching duty?

S: I work as a window dresser. With coronavirus, it’s changed a little bit. People have been made redundant and things like that. It’s at Debenhams in Blackpool.

P: I’m an electrical engineer by trade but I work on houses and a bit of all sorts, to be honest.

What do you watch when you’re not Goggleboxing?

S: I have been obsessed with Selling Sunset on Netflix. I just love the Oppenheim twins, the two lads. I think they’re absolutely hilarious. They’re like the Mitchell brothers in LA. They are absolutely ridiculous.

P: See, stuff like that doesn’t pique my interest. I just think it’s crap.

S: He comes in all the time – ‘what’s this s*** you’re watching?’

P: I’m a proper Only Fools And Horses fan. I watch them over and over again. When I get into bed I can’t be arsed with choosing something else.
When you watch TV, who is in charge of the remote?

S: Me always.

P: I don’t get a word in edgeways. This is the problem. I’ve recently started watching Friends because my girlfriend likes it. I never, ever liked Friends before. Now I’m really into it.

Have you had any romantic offers, Sophie? There was a lot of excitement on your Instagram when you put up a photo of you and ‘Danny from work’…

S: Oh, I know. He was made up with that. I call him Dan from the Daily Mail now [laughs]. He was so chuffed but I think I’m barking up the wrong tree with Dan. I’m definitely not his type. So no, definitely single. Nothing really going on.

How has the show changed your lives since you first appeared in 2017?

S: For me, it’s the friends that we’ve made. We live in quite a small town. The people we’ve met through the show are lifelong friends. It’s not an ordinary thing to do. I just can’t believe we do it. I think it’s amazing.

P: The nice thing is when you’re having a bit of a s*** day and you nip to the shop and someone goes, ‘Oh, I love you two.’ That just picks you up and you think yeah, life’s not all bad.

My Celebrity Life –

Pete and Sophie have become fan-favourites on Gogglebox (Picture: Channel 4)

The pair of you sometimes talk about the most random things on Gogglebox…

P: We talk about stuff that’s not even relevant.

S: Or probably funny to anyone else.

P: We had a conversation about Skips the other day. How did we even get on to it? It’s so odd but it’s good for us because we get to make time to sit down together and have a chat and a brew and watch a bit of telly. Some people aren’t lucky enough to do that. To be fair, I’m lucky that I get on so well with my sister. Some siblings actually hate each other, don’t they?

What mugs have you got your brews in today?

S: I’m on the peach and Pete’s got a fox. I think we’ve got over 80 mugs now. Pete smashed one, the pig, the other day.

P: To be honest with you, I thought I was going to get more of a bing.

S: It’s not one of my favourites, so you’re alright.

P: I’m trying to get her to slow down from buying more mugs. We’ve got nowhere to put them. That’s why they get smashed as soon as you open the cupboard door.

S: Our first mug was a llama. Then I went wild and just started buying any novelty mug that I saw. I am the crazy mug lady. Not cats or anything like that. Just mugs.

There’s always a bit of moaning from Gogglebox fans when new families are introduced to the show. Did you get any of that?

S: People can be a bit unsure about new things. Once people start to get to know the new families, I think they quickly warm to them. You don’t get on with everybody in life anyway so you can’t expect everybody to like you.

P: The thing is, everybody is new at some stage. It’s like when people are learning to drive on the road. People are shouting, ‘Get off the road!’ Well, hang on, you were a learner once. Have a bit of patience. Let them settle in and then they’ll be fine.

What is each other’s most annoying TV viewing habit?

S: Sorry to drop you in it here, Pete, but in that front room he literally farts for Britain. Honestly, my eyes are burning sometimes. I have to say, ‘You dirty pig.’

P: The thing is, I had a dodgy curry about two weeks ago and it properly backfired. It’s not my fault. It was the naga chilli that was the final nail in the coffin. The only thing that winds me up with Soph is her crunching crisps.

S: He always says I sound like a washing machine.

My Celebrity Life –

Sophie recently showed off a new look (Picture: Sophie Sandiford Instagram)

What do you both do to relax when you’re not watching telly?

S: We go for a drive around in the car sometimes. If we were nipping anywhere in the car during lockdown, Pete used to make us sit in the back and DJ, which was not ideal, but we made it work. Bit of Bee Gees’ Jive Talkin’.

P: I bought a bike during lockdown. I’ve been out on it twice. Four hundred quid up the Swanee. Now it’s just going to be a pile of rust in the shed.

Sophie, there was a lot of love on social media for the top you wore from Asos for the start of the new series. Do you get a wardrobe allowance for the show?

S: It’s all my own wardrobe, comfy stuff that I just sit on the couch in. A lot of the time it’s a hoodie or a sweatshirt. I do most of my shopping online at the moment. Pete goes mad when there’s another parcel at the door. I get dead excited ’cos it’s like little presents every day. I use Asos all the time. The killer is when you sign up that it’s Next Day delivery for a year. That’s a rod for your own back because then you’ve got to make the most of it.

P: Delivery’s £9.95 a year and then you spend 20 grand on clothes… I’m the tightest person for clothes. I normally just wear my work clothes for everything. Then I’ve got cheap T-shirts for chillin’ out and going out in. My girlfriend is slowly but surely styling me. Her and her mum and Sophie and our mum as well. I don’t spend anything on clothes. I just wait for everybody else to buy them. It’s ideal. My work T-shirt cost me 15 quid. I can get stains on it and it just makes me look as though I’ve worked even harder.

Are there any TV shows you hope you’ll get to watch for Gogglebox later this series?

S: I think an interesting one this year will be I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! because of the new format – it being in a castle in Wales. That’ll be a really exciting one to watch.

P: It’s gonna be crap, innit? It’ll be like SAS: Who Dares Wins.

My Celebrity Life –

I’m A Celebrity will take place in Wales this year, but the Sandifords aren’t convinced it’s going to be a winner (Picture: ITV/Rex)

Do celebrities ever get in touch on Twitter about the show?

P: We’ve been followed by a few people. You think, bloody hell, how the hell do they know who we are? I’m just that idiot from Blackpool. Rob Beckett, the comedian, he’s followed us. He’s such a super-super-famous person. You think, wow, that’s weird.

Do you have any other showbiz ambitions?

S: We’re happy just being in our living room watching telly.

P: When we were growing up we never thought, yeah, we want to be on TV. I always thought I wanted to be an electrician or a plumber. It’s just nice that we enjoy this so much. It’s fun. It’s not like we want to be doing jazz hands in the West End.

Catch up with Gogglebox on All4. The Celebrity Special for Stand Up To Cancer is tomorrow at 9pm on Channel 4.

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