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Sky News’ Kay Burley sparks outrage after telling Ukrainian refugees in Dublin that ‘British people are completely behind them’

Kay Burley has sparked uproar after telling two Ukrainian refugees in Dublin that ‘British people are completely behind’ them.

The Sky News presenter interviewed two women who had fled their war-torn country in the wake of Russia’s invasion and found safety in the Irish capital.

It comes as Ireland prepares to accept potentially tens of thousands of refugees while just 500 visas to the UK had been issued as of Tuesday.

As she began signing off the chat, Kay told her guests: ‘You know what ladies, I’m so pleased that you are safe and what a terrible journey that you’ve had.

‘But hopefully, you can start to build a new life in Dublin, safe in the knowledge that the British people are completely behind you.’

The interviewees responded by thanking the people of Ireland for their generosity.

Kay Burley has sparked a mountain of reaction following her comments to Ukrainian refugees in Dublin (Picture: Sky)

‘We are so grateful to Irish people for all the kindness and hospitality that they treat us with and our Irish family who host us,’ they said. ‘In this family, we are surrounded by care. We could feel family warmth and we really appreciate it.’

Many were rattled by Kay’s comments given that Britain is of course, refers to England, Scotland, and Wales.

‘It’s not the *British* people – it’s the *Irish*!!!’ fumed one. ‘Up till this moment, I genuinely thought you were one of the good guys, but now I realise you are as bad as all the rest. Shameful.’

Two women thanked Ireland for welcoming them with open arms after fleeing Ukraine (Picture: Sky)

‘Hilarious from Kay Burley apparently these women should thank the British people for being granted refuge in Ireland,’ another wrote.

Echoing a similar sentiment, a third raged: ‘The Brits are at it again. Thankfully these young ladies knew the truth and recognised the Irish for the kindness. You couldn’t make this sh*t up.’

However, one went on to defend Kay, writing: ‘There is absolutely nothing in this clip which suggests Kay Burley thinks Dublin is British. Nor does she ask the women to thank the British people. She says the British people are behind them, that’s all.’

These two girls know exactly where they are and who they are with, fair play

On Sunday, the Taoiseach said that Ireland’s humanitarian response trumps security checks on arriving Ukrainians.

Micheal Martin said the state has so far accepted 5,500 people fleeing the Russian invasion and may take in more than 100,000.

He said Ireland’s priority is the humanitarian response to what he termed ‘the worst displacement of people since World War Two’.

‘Our primary impulse is to assist those fleeing war,’ he added.

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