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Snowpiercer season 2 episode 2: Melanie Cavill makes huge discovery as Mr Wilford and Layton come face to face

Warning: spoilers ahead for season two episode two of Snowpiercer.

With big discoveries comes big sacrifices, as Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) learns when she makes a scientific finding that will impact everyone aboard Snowpiercer and Big Alice, the supply train run by the egocentric Mr Wilford (Sean Bean).

In season two episode two of the dystopian thriller, Melanie is still being kept captive on Big Alice by her former mentor, where her daughter, Alexandra Cavill (Rowan Blanchard), continues to treat her with disdain. After some toing and froing with Snowpiercer, the two trains come to an agreement to make a prisoner exchange – Melanie for Wilford’s fiercely loyal head of hospitality, Kevin (Tom Lipinski).

When Melanie returns to Snowpiercer, she, along with engineers Bennett (Iddo Goldberg) and Javi (Roberto Urbina) and the new leader of the train Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) carry out an investigation to see whether the Earth’s atmosphere is becoming warmer, something that wouldn’t have been deemed possible had Melanie not noticed that it was snowing when she ventured outside.

Upon the confirmation that Melanie’s hypothesis is accurate, they open a line of communication with Big Alice, calling for Wilford to finally come aboard Snowpiercer for a discussion. As he swans onto the train, strutting with a cane, donning a cape and being treated like the Messiah by the masses, it becomes apparent that his strange allure has not faded despite his seven-year absence.

But behind his toothy smile, Wilford’s heart is as cold as the ice that covers the planet. After welcoming Kevin back to Big Alice, he is ordered by Wilford to take his own life after the head of hospitality confesses what he revealed to Snowpiercer about Big Alice’s desperate need for supplies.

When Alexandra joins Wilford on Snowpiercer, she manages to sneak a razor onto the train in an apparent plot to murder Layton on Wilford’s authority – although he aborts the scheme at the last minute.

Mr Wilford wants total control… but Layton isn’t going to hand it over to him (Picture: TNT)

Despite Melanie’s exciting announcement that Earth could become a survivable habit once again in their lifetimes, this news comes with a caveat – one person will need to stay at a science station for a month on their own, that person being Melanie.

The risks are great, but the reward – life on Earth once again – is worth it in Melanie’s eyes, even if it means being separated from her daughter once again.

Elsewhere on the train, Layton’s ex-wife Zarah (Sheila Vand) makes a startling discovery that few would have seen coming. In season one, viewers witnessed Melanie leave Layton’s lover Josie (Katie McGuinness) to die in an interrogation room that was exposed to the freezing outside air. It didn’t seem like there was any possibility at all that she survived… that is, until Zarah finds her in a hospital bed, barely recognisable from her severe frostbite.


For a moment it seems like Josie’s survival will be short-lived, as Zarah – who is pregnant with Layton’s child – decides to murder Josie in her sleep, before quickly going back on her decision. After Zarah tells Layton that Josie is alive, he rushes to her side, where she finally opens one of her eyes.

While Wilford is pretending to play game with Layton and Melanie, newly-appointed train detective Till (Mickey Sumner) realises that he may have already infiltrated Snowpiercer without anyone realising.

After looking into an assault on a Tailie called Lights (Miranda Edwards) whose hand was maimed by an unknown attacker, Till spots that she has had her little finger and her thumb cut off, mimicking the three-fingered gesture Wilford makes to look like the letter W.

How will Josie’s return impact Layton’s negotiations with Wilford and what else will Till uncover about the megalomaniac’s ploy for total control of Snowpiercer?

Snowpiercer is available to watch on Netflix.


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