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So Eamonn Holmes has discovered Dr Pimple Popper and we pray for his soul

My Celebrity Life –

Eamonn may never recover after his latest discovery (Picture: ITV)

Eamonn Holmes, sweet Eamonn Holmes, how he has no idea what he’s let himself in for after publicly revealing he’s discovered the wonders, and horrors, of Dr Pimple Popper.

For those in Eamonn’s boat who have no idea what a Dr Pimple Popper is, there is a woman named Dr Sandra Lee who is American dermatologist and YouTuber who has made a very lucrative TV career from her series, the aptly-titled Dr Pimple Popper.

Here she fills some sort of void in the lives of viewers by popping, cutting and downright exploding a whole range of pussy bulges our bodies love to manifest.

And now Eamonn has somehow stumbled across her world.

The This Morning star wrote on Twitter: ‘Dear God …… I’ve stumbled across a programme on TLC devoted to a [Doctor] who pops Pimples!!!’

To illustrate his sheer discomfort at this new development in his TV-watching experience, he added a bunch of emoji as he wrote: ‘Then I realise it’s not a programme – it’s a Series ! Yeuk , yeuk , yuk.’


With such descriptions of Dr Lee’s patients as having ‘creme brulee’ cysts and ‘ballbag’ keloids we’re both questioning how it took Eamonn this long to discover her wonders, but also, why we’ve decided to write about it and, thus, be forced to relive such things as a ‘creme brulee’ cyst.

Fans were giddy at Eamonn’s reveal, but one went a little too far by recommending a follow-up for him to gaze upon: ‘My sister recommends you watch YouTube videos of mango worms being squeezed out of dogs’ ears. Doctor pimple popper hasn’t got a patch on those worms! Very therapeutic to watch too!’


My Celebrity Life –

Dr Sandra Lee has made a TV career out of this (Picture: TLC)

Another wanted felt the host needed to give it a chance: ‘I felt exactly the same to begin with.. give it a few episodes Eamonn.. you’ll be addicted.. I’m a total TLC addict but maybe that has something to do with late night breast feeds x.’

However, not all was about the grim, with one chiming in: ‘Dr Pimple Popper? She’s actually a fantastic dermatologist and if you watch her show, she’s helped a lot of people with awful, restricting skin conditions.’

Dr. Pimple Popper is the name of both the show and protagonist and, back in October 2014, her medical snapshots of what she does for a day job became so well known on social media that she’s now got her own series.

The show is a downright obsession for some, which previously had us asking…but, why?

Jo Hemmings, behavioural psychologist and author of How Psychology Works, believes that from an evolutionary standpoint, we need to know what is disgusting in order to protect ourselves which drives this curiosity towards the macabre clips such as pimple popping.

She previously told ‘We have to be aware when food is “off” by its smell, taste or look and we also have memories of learning when things were dirty or gross, when our parents told us not to eat sand or dirt.

‘But the actual pleasure people get from watching pimple-popping or similar is actually down to arousal.

‘The fast breathing, heart racing excitement which is down to adrenalin, hits the reward centre in the brain, just as going on a rollercoaster does.’

Enjoy the ride, Eamonn.

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